Team LUNA Chix Saratoga Mountain Bike Ride Calendar


Mama Monkey
Oct 30, 2003
Dancin' over rocks n' roots!
Greetings fellow riders!!!

We hope that you can all join us for some great rides throughout the Capital Region this season. We will continue to follow our rotation, alternating co-ed and women's only rides at Luther Forest, Colonie Town Park, Central Park and SMBA. Please check out the attached ride calendar for a full list of our upcoming rides and events.

Just a few reminders, all of our rides, are open to riders of all abilities. We lead from the back so no rider is ever "too slow" for our ride. Also this season, we will be continuing our "Frequent Rider Program". In an effort to reward our most frequent riders, we will give each female participant a card at their first ride. Bring this card to our weekly rides and we'll mark your card. After you've attended 4 rides, we'll give you a free LUNA Chix Water Bottle stuffed with goodies. Attend 8 times and we'll give you a case of LUNA Protein or LUNA Bars (based on availability), and if you attend 12 times throughout the season, we'll give you a beautiful new LUNA tech t-shirt (navy or white based on availability of sizing). Bring a new woman to one of our rides and we'll reward you with an extra stamp on your card too!!! Sorry guys, this promotion is only for our female riders.

For more information about our team, rides, events or to donate to our fundraising efforts with the Breast Cancer Fund, check us out online at www.teamlunachix.com/saratoga_mountain_bike and like us on facebook at www.facebook.com/TLCSaratogaMTB.

Theresa, Steph, Sam, Diana, Tammy, Amanda, Janay and Sheray
Team LUNA Chix Saratoga Mountain Bike