Team Press Release


Turbo Monkey
Jun 26, 2007

West Milford, NJ- The 2010 race season will see the debut of a new elite Gravity Race Team in the form of Team Giant/Hayes Bicycle Group. We are pleased to announce the formation of this team through a partnership between premier sponsors and a half dozen accomplished Racers hailing from the Northeast of the United States of America.

Through the years, these elite level racers have been individually successful, grown as friends and have benefited from great opportunities and support from their sponsors. It was only logical with this great bond to unite in order to bring greater attention to and opportunity to all parties involved. This team was founded on the principle that with a shared competitive spirit, camaraderie and unwavering dedication, each racer will elevate his performances and in turn, progress the level of competition and the further legitimize the East Coast Race scene as a whole.

The carefully chosen team roster is as follows:
Jason Memmelaar brings three years of World Cup experience, a nice-guy attitude and determination to the table as the unspoken Captain of the team. Jay lives the dream at his testosterone-drenched race compound in Chester, NY, where riding motocross, rock climbing and jumping trucks are a daily occurrence. Jay's dedication is uncommon -- working long hours in construction to support himself and traveling cross-country for winter training in California. Jay's enthusiasm for the sport, lust for life and confidence are infectious and openly shared with all who are fortunate enough to befriend this great racer.

With an effortless style, Gavin Vaughn has an innate ability on the bike that many yearn for. His natural talent combined with a great racing mindset and technical skills have scored great results for this World-Cup hopeful. When you see him ride and sneak onto podiums alongside Sam Hill, you will swear this kid was raised by ninjas. Gavin is a gifted mechanic and always has the most custom, smoothest-running equipment around. This guy has so much energy and power on the bike you’d swear he drinks liters of Vermont Maple Syrup straight from his backyard.

Standing at 6’7, Chris Higgerson may be one of the tallest Pros on the circuit. It's fitting, then, that he is riding a Giant. A reserved gentleman, Chris is also multi-time New York State Champ, so you might say he is a pretty big deal. Big Higg is the type of Pro who lets his amazingly consistent speed speak for itself. Many are shocked to find how funny and enthusiastic he really is. A union electrician by trade, Chris is a worker on a mission to qualify and light up the North American World Cups.

That neon blur laughing its way to the podium at every race is Alex Moschitti. Don’t worry about mispronouncing his last name, we call him “Machete” because of the way he slices turns and cuts apart the competition. More prolific and successful in his first years racing than seemingly possible, this sweet dude has tapped into his great BMX talent to become a prominent and dedicated Downhill pinner. Fittingly, Alex is a Bicycle Pro and a salesman for Bicycle-Pro, selling Giants at a shop in Bordentown, NJ.

One of few notable downhillers hailing from Long Island, Pj Mihalick is a mountain man at heart but has been living and working in the metropolis of New York. Pj is passionately dedicated to the sport and loves every minute of the great experiences it brings him with this friends. It's a full time job working in Structural Steel Engineering on the rebuilding of the World Trade Center, but Pj gets his tires in the dirt several times a week and all weekend chasing Jason and getting on that podium. The entire off season has been spent recovering from a broken wrist so you can expect Pj to come back with renewed fire and dedication.

Team Director Dennis Yuroshek is a virtual downhill prodigy, who has progressed exponentially in the sport in a few short years. Dennis is very proud to be representing his teammates and forging new relationships with our sponsors. Expect great things from Dennis in his professional debut. He has learned a great amount from his teammates and rides with aggression and confidence. Yuroshek is an Internet sensation that actually delivers in the real world as advertised. He has an uncommon motivation and drive to succeed and will lead our team to great times.

Learn more about our equipment sponsors, see our Race Schedule and keep up to date with the personalities of Team Giant/HBG by visiting and becoming a fan of their Facebook page.


May 18, 2009
Mother Nature
Very impressive Dennis. You've come a long way in a short period of time. Best of luck to you and the team in TwentyTen. See you guys at Massanutten. Ride hard and enjoy that California sun!


Apr 16, 2007
Hoboken, NJ
Thanks for the kind words about the team Neal! I am gonna bring my TTr 125 to Platty, its not a big beast and you will definetely have fun on it! Will get Hudson to bring his 80 too, its gonna be fun!