Team TIBCO set to race Grand Prix de Plouay World Cup

Oct 20, 2009
<p>Team TIBCO sends a well-rounded six-rider squad to contest the Grand Prix de Plouay World Cup race Saturday in the north-western region of Brittany in France. The World Cup is part of the UCI World Tour and is sure to be a fierce battle, drawing the world’s top professional cyclists.</p><p>
The Team comes off a strong performance at the Trophee d’Or in central France last week.</p><p>
Climbing phenom and former Canadian National Champion Veronique Fortin joins the Team TIBCO squad for the next set of European races. U.S. National Road Champion Megan Guarnier will return for more elite racing, alongside all-rounders Amanda Miller and Lauren Hall. U.S. U23 National Champion Samantha Schneider will contribute her sprinting prowess to the squad, while Team Captain Meredith Miller will o ffer a strong engine and on-the-road tactics to her teammates.</p><p>
“Our main priority will be to race assertively and as a team,” said the Team’s European directeur sportif Angela van Smoorenburg. “Last week, the riders proved they are among the world’s best athletes and have the skill and drive to contend for victory.”</p><p>
The rolling road race will offer plenty of excitement as the best women cyclists in the world compete for top spots on the podium. The circuit will take the riders through several undulations, one of which is la côte de Ty-Marrec. The final ascent is just 4.5 kilometers before the finish and has proven to be a decisive segment in past race outcomes. The approximately 1-kilometer climb has a 7 to 10 percent gradient in the finishing kilometers.</p>