The 2006 Diamondback Assault?!

Dirt Jumper

Sep 6, 2005
Colorado Springs, CO
What the heck kind of stuff is this? It's almost the exact same as the 2005 model, except they painted the frame a brown and made it glossy, and put horizontal dropouts on it. They also put the Dirt Jam Comp on there, when the '05 had the Dirt Jam Pro.

Glad I got the '05er.


Nacho Libre
Mar 16, 2004
when i think about diamondback, i think back to 1997 and their bmx bikes. My friend had a DB with bearclaw pedals and a threaded headset, it ate my shins and the bars rattled. Ever since then i have been biased against em. I havent seen this particular bike in person so i dunno what exactly i'm talking about. :(

a bike is a bike, and if it was all i had, i'd ride it with pleasure.


Turbo Monkey till the fat lady sings
Aug 14, 2002
when I think about diamond back I think back to 1984 and Harry Leary, then I remember they are in G.I. Joes stores.....

Mr Tiles

I'm a beer snob
Nov 10, 2003
L-town ya'll
04 or 05, can't remember. whichever the first year for it was. He, for some reason, tore down his heckler to upgrade some of the parts on it he liked it so much...I think he just wanted to try the hardtail thing for a while and he EP'd the bike thru the shop we were working at at the time so he didn't really have a lot of money in it at all. Turns out, he rode it way more than his dually. Unfortunately, he's since quit riding all together so it just collects dust last I heard.