The 2011 Products from Loaded


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Jun 26, 2009

Loaded is an American company that produces high quality components; from seat clamps to handlebars, wheels and stems, Loaded has their program dialed for 2011. Read on to see the products.

Loaded's handlebars include the AmX, the AmXc and the Xlite Carbon. The AmX retail for 89.99, are 790mm wide and weigh 302 grams. For 10 dollars less, Loaded sells the AmXc which is 257 grams and 710mm wide. The carbon bars are a scant 179 grams, 680mm and cost 129.99.

Along with bars are the stems, including the AmX, the Am Direct mount and the Xlite.

The direct mount stem costs 89.99 and comes in 45 and 50mm sizes.

The AmX pedals cost 129.99 and weigh 544 grams. Colors available are black, green, silver, gold, red, blue, green and grey.

With numerous colors of spokes, hubs and rims, Loaded's wheelsets are entirely customizable.

More information on Loaded's product line, the colors, weights and MSRPs can be found here!