The Best Chrismas ever


Mr. Big Hot Pastrami
Feb 26, 2003
Bozeman, MT
If you are one of the Christmas haters don't read any further into this post you won't like it. For those who do like Christmas this might be too sappy for some.

As some of you know I moved from Kansas to Montana in September of 2006. Although moving away from family and friends was hard it has helped me put my life back together. I started working nights at a grocery and met my current roommate who also happens to be one of the best friends I have ever had. His family lives here also and I have had the pleasure of meeting them.
Meeting them became even more important around Thanksgiving when without any hesitation they invited me over to have dinner with them and told me that I was part of their family now.

Fast forward to last night (Christmas Eve). Again they invited me to come over for dinner and to go to mass with them, I gladly accepted the offer. Today all I knew that was going to happen was that I was going to have dinner with them when my roommate calls me around noon and asks me to come over to his families house. I drive over to his place and they tell me that they have some presents for me. I didn't know what to say. I told them hat I didn't have anything for them except for my roommate. They said they didn't want me to have anything for them, this was something they wanted do for me. When I was opening my gifts I was the closest to tears I have been in a very long time.

When I was growing up emotions were never shown a whole lot and the Christmas season was something that had a shadow over it for some reason. There was always some sort of tension between my parents and I was always expected just to make everyone else happy and not be happy myself. This year was extremely different and the uneasy tension was non existent. For the first time in 22 years I felt accepted and wanted.
I was even told that I might have to hyphenate my last name so I could add their name to mine.

Merry Christmas to everyone, may everyone be blessed.


Nov 17, 2004
Awesome to hear you're finally in a place where you can lower your guard without fear. Merry Christmas!


Turbo Monkey
Mar 6, 2004
The 909
Very nice story. Even working retail hasn't killed Christmas for me; it's good to know not everyone hates the holiday.


Rex Grossman Will Rise Again
Jul 4, 2002
If you take their last name, will it legally preclude you from shagging any sisters/cousins?


Turbo Monkey
Dec 20, 2006
Boise Idaho
If you take their last name, will it legally preclude you from shagging any sisters/cousins?
that's a good point. if you know there's hot sisters/cousins in the family don't hyphenate your last name if there aren't go for it.brokenspoke that's a nice story good to know you had a good christmas.