The Boxxer click found. PICs included

Oct 8, 2003
So Im very confident that I have found what causes the extreme "boxxer click". I know they will all make a small amount of noise from the the piece on the bottom of the MC assebly opening and closing. On the air side however I think I have found what causes the very loud click on the initial compression of the fork. In the pictures you can see a small gap in the part the foot bolt threads into.

This is with no air in the fork leg in the other picture there is air and there is a gap.

When the fork is pushed on it has to close that small gap before it starts to compress the fork and I am just about positive this is what makes the noise some people have talked about.
Can anyone tell me that this gap should not be here on a new fork? mine is a season old and Im guessing just needs to be replaced. If I order an Air Spring Assembly will it come with this rod. I dont see a part number for the rod by it self in the parts diagram from SRAM.