the day before the last day of november thread


unique white person
Sep 21, 2001
i bought two tickets to denver in february on two different dates because im fucking dumb like that....

moral of story....put your glasses on when trying to read the small print on a concert flyer on ig...

gotta call expedia in a bit and see about canceling one...
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used an iron once
Jan 20, 2009
I went back to work after having the Man Flu, doing electrical work on a platform that sways as you move feels really weird with a snotty congested head.
Left work early, then did nothing.


Turbo Monkey
May 2, 2006
Asheville, NC
Up. Cold here this morning. Big changes are in store for my small company after the first of the year…My boss, the owner, is retiring aft next year and selling the company to a large outfit out of Ohio. I currently work from home and pretty much do what I want and am afraid that’s gonna change. We will see how it pans out. Maybe taking an extended sabbatical, aka early retirement to travel and ride bikes?? Anyway coffee time.


Joe Dalton
Apr 18, 2002
Continuing work on the kitchen.

Now in the process of figuring what will go where.
The big life I tell ya!


Starshine Bro
Mar 19, 2014

1. Hit a hidden nail ripping lumber on my tablesaw, trashing the blade. :thumbsdown:
2. Generator plug ordered, transfer switch to be sourced next.
3. I should take some more days off. Things just feel ridiculous at work.


Pig my fish!
Staff member
May 23, 2002
borcester rhymes
hey hey hey, here's what i say:

got up early to do some z2. Did a full hour just for @Toshi
might order some black friday stuff for myself, because I'm special like that. I hate buying myself shit at the holidays, but it's not like my wife is going to buy me weird custom spooky decals for my new frame.
My parents still send out christmas lists, and they're filled with bullshit amazon items. I am 39 years old and at the point in my life where I can buy myself cheap shit off amazon if I need it, but I'd much prefer something nice that's going to last more than a year if I had my say. My mom asks for a purse and wants a $22 piece of crap from macy's...how about some nice leather bag that's going to hold up for a few years? Anyways, I don't want to participate, just buy me whatever I guess.


Detective Dookie
Nov 10, 2005
media blackout
How do you figure? Wiring in a plug and transfer switch gives me the capability to borrow his generator if the situation arises, if or until I get one of my own. Everything will be sized to run the necessary appliances with excess capacity.
as long as you plan out the capacity beforehand you should be fine, especially since that will determine the # of breakers