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    Daniel Miller What I been saying - I use the Preamble over the POA when some Dem group wants to recite the POA and follow up with the 1st Amendment over that fucking insidious hymn before gladiatorial events using mixed racial types of otherwise different social stature to see who is the next early alzheimer's effect TBI's and I am not talking about the Trumpublicans that is with the Dim Dems - this is Revolution . Our only weapons the real meaning of the founding documents - they quote scripture - I am all over the 1st in which I as a citizen give them the right to religion - but 1st they gotta act like they get that caveat 1 in the 1st says Congress shall make no law respecting "an" establishment of religion - (specifically before) or prohibiting the free exercise there of. And that they get the whole rest of the 1st to sermonize their brand and proselytize and publish and gather to conspire to take over the world with their particular Christianity or Islam or the cult of one citizen by himself of the Hippie Jesus religion of one - as is my right just as surely as their's "Right!?" - Hippie Jesus the first out guy feminist. Hippie Jesus with that great cast the first stone thing - and first fish sandwich maker role getting people to share making the food better and Hippie contractor Jesus pouring all the dregs out of the wine casks flushing them with water at the wedding party and filtered through his robe and thus as taught Contractor handyman Jesus miracle of miracles water stretching the wine all sediment removed a nice deparcher from unfiltered and a newly washed and tie dyed robe of many colors. I swear they fall for my personal hippie Jesus every time because I mean it and I tell them I see it in their feminist leaning behavior towards women because they are man enough - I call it no stone casting feminism chivalry - I can recite the Preamble and 1st thru 4th and do a rough 19th - But I carry a pile of Legal size paper Preamble - Bill of rights on one side and on the back the rest of the Amendments often folded into select books with the bookmark like a secret - and I am seen as radical when I do this boy scout level stuff - I give free beer - wine or whiskey tastings for coming in and reciting the Preamble how pitiful is that when they all know the POA and that Hymn before violence ritual - Willful suspension of disbelief is rampant and wallowed in on right and left - the Preamble clears the head like software reboot and the 1st restarts the program . I am afraid it is all we've got but damn good.
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    You're FB friends with PSP?
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    The beauty of discourse is not where it starts or goes over its journey. Only where it ends and if the participants derived a point or satisfaction from participating. Being humble and gracious also serves a important role in a successful debate or discussion.
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