The indestructable Shimano XT Rear Hub



What a marvel of engineering. Let me try to sum up where my XT hub has been:

I have owned it for 7 years.

It has done 3 tours on a MTB fully loaded with gear:
1100 miles from Eugene Oregon to Bozeman Montana.
350 miles through north-central Oregon.
600 miles from Moab to Steamboat Springs Colorado

It lived 4 years of its life in the Willamette valley of Oregon. It rode all winter in extremely wet conditions year after year.

It was in a fire in my garage (still half black)

Has done thousands of miles of off road riding.

Recently did the White Rim, Porcupine Rim, and Poison Spider Mesa in Moab.

Survived a drunken episode where I tried to ride it into a dumpster.

Will nothing stop it? I fear that if XT hubs turned against the human race, it would be over for us!


Space Monkey
Jul 2, 2001
The bunker at parliament
Well your getting better mileage form it than I did.
my last xt rear hub lasted 5 months.
Since then I've used Hope titamium disc hub's Which have lasted 3 years so far With only Zero serviceing I havent serviced it cause its still spinning so sweet. If it aint broke ..ect.


Jul 5, 2001
New York City
Even the LX hubs are great. I rode the same pair for five years, without a single rebuild, or even a repack. They still spin as smoothly as the day I bought the bike, and I only stopped using them because I wore the rims' braking surfaces too thin, and just bought whole new wheel sets. On my first mountainbike, a 91 Cannondale with Suntour components, I had to repack those puppies several times a season.


I think that I have repacked that hub once or twice.... I can't even remember the last time. I did'nt even repack it after it burned.