The Lunar 12 .


Nam I am
this weekend


Ok so My son and I are both doing it SOLO !! this will be My son's first intro to an endurance race, plus the fact Back in June he broke his collar bone at Pine hill park where the race is held. he wants to go back to the jump that got him, and hit it right this time.

back to the race , what makes this interesting it it is 6 PM to 6 AM lights are required the entire time and they have to be on the handle bars, only a secondary light can be on the helmet, and quite simply I don't have enough battery's to light both helmet and bars for 12 hours, needless to say I already have a Pile of batteries.

and you have to shoot 5 rounds from a paintball gun every lap .

should be fun!!
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Yoshinoya Destroyer
Jan 20, 2007
Hills of Paradise
I used a cheapy planet bike box bar mount light that used AA batteries on my bar. On all the time. Used a bright emitter light on my helmet, used only for descents.