The Many Bikes of all of Us. -- List your Bikes


Nam I am
THe Many Many Bikes Of MMcg got me thinking about my Own list of Bikes.

so lets list your Bikes ( in order of when I got them )

1) Schwinn Apple crate
2) Some POS 10 Speed
3) 83 Schwinn Le Tour Lux ( became a Fixed gear later in life , that I just sold )
4) 84 Specialized StumpJumper
5) 88 Trek 1500
6) 86 - Fat Chance ( got it in 1992 )
7) GT avalance ( with parts from my Dead Fat chance frame , in 97 ) Hated it !
8) 97 Specialized Rockhopper ( a month after the GT )
9) 96 Trek 2200 ( in 2001 )
10) Giant Warp DS2 ( in 2002)
11) 99 Specialized FSR enduro ( in 2003 )
12) 99 Rocky Mt ( in 2004 )
12) 2004 Specialized FSR XC ( in 2005 )
13) Gary Fisher Marin ( single Speed, 2006 )
14) 97 Specialized Stumpjumper Hardtail ( to replace my Hard rock frame that Failed )
15) 2003 Raleigh Professional ( in 2007, with the parts from my 2200 )
16) 2003 Giant AC1 ( in 2007 )
17) 2007 Speciliazed Stumpjumper Pro ( warranty frame to replace FSR SX frame that failed )


Turbo Monkey
Oct 17, 2006
I am probably forgetting a number of bikes, but here is what I can come up with at the moment.

What I have now:

Colnago Master X-Light Track
Titus Moto-Lite with Rohloff hub
Yeti ARC rigid XC
Yeti Road Project
Santa Cruz Jackal
Specialized Expedition
Planet-X Alibongo
Yaabaa Bow
Ross three speed
Royal Scot three speed
Trek Soho
Kona Joe
Koxx-One Devil 19 Unicycle
Santa Cruz Bullit
Free Spirit ten speed
Raleigh M20

What I no longer have:

Surly Karate Monkey rigid 29er
Schwinn Mirada
GU Typhoon
Fuji fixed gear conversion
Haro Extreme X3
Redline MonoCog singlespeed
Schwinn lugged steel fixed gear conversion
Bianchi Pista track
AMF Roadmaster 10 Speed
Nishiki lugged steel road bike
Nishiki Pueblo rigid steel
Proflex Attack full suspension
Huffy Stu Thomsen Pro Model
FBM Angel of Death
Redline RL20 IIA
Chromoly steel singlespeed
Giant STP 2
Schwinn 24" Unicycle
Ultimate Wheel 24"
Various children's bikes, trikes, and BigWheels
Various dumpster finds
Various police auction bikes (maybe a few dozen)


i heart mac
Apr 15, 2002
Prior big wheels and probably one or two crappy dept. store bike(s) when I was really young (one I remember was Huffy BMX-style 2spd bike with a chain tensioner and front dérailleur)

1989 Cannondale M500 (borrowed/tried it)
1990 Trek 830 (first mtb I owned)
1992 Specialized Stumpjumper (first front suspension bike)
1993 Specialized M2 Sworks HT
1995 Marin Indian Firetrail HT
1997 Specialized Enduro Expert (first full suspension bike)
1998 Caloi Team Road Bike*(first road bike)
2001 Cannondale Jekyll 2000
2001 Schwinn Rocket 88 Disc
2002 Balfa 2step
2002.5 Ironhorse Hollowpoint (the first dw-link bike)
2002 Ventana El Salty
2003 Ironhorse SGS Expert
2003 Balfa 2Step DH
2003 .243racing HT
2003 Giant VT1
2003 Azonic Saber
2003 Ironhorse SGS Team
2003 Cortina Triton DS 4130
2004 Titus Locomoto
2004 Prototype Cortina Triton DS 4130
2004 Giant STP1
2004 Canfield F1 DH
2004 Evil Imperial SL
2004.5 Ellsworth Moment (DHX coil)
2005 Specialized Enduro Pro**
2005 Evil Sovereign
2007 Gary Fisher Cronos*
2007 Santa Cruz Heckler
2007 Turner RFX*
2008 Trek Remedy (on order)

*Currently Own
**Want to Sell


ass rainbow
Jul 12, 2005
Currently have

2001 Cheeta Proline DH
2005 Haro V4
2007 Soul Cycles Dillinger
2007 SE Draft
Edit - I also have 3 partially built up random old steel frames that are pretty much worthless...I need to junk them.

Used to have
2004 Kona Coiler
2002 Haro X-3
2004 Jamis Komodo
I feel like I'm missing a couple.

I try not to own many bikes at the same time, though I do buy and sell often.


Why don't you have a seat over there?
Jan 27, 2005
First bike was red and had itty bitty wheels
Second bike was a black 20" with a banana seat
Huffy (yellow and blue "BMX")
Moongoose Blue Max
Hutch Pro Racer
Hutch Trick Star
Hutch Trick Star
Diamondback Reponse Sport SE
GT Avalanche LE
GT XCR 1500 (I-Drive)
Santa Cruz Heckler
Turner Spot (current)
Miyata 310 (current)


Hey little girl, do you want some candy?
Oct 18, 2001
Reno 911
1994 Gary Fisher Aquila
1996 Trek Y-22
1998 Specialized FSR pro
2000 Giant DH Team
Haro A4 hardtail
2001 Giant AC2
2002 Specialized Big Hit DH
2003 Intense M1
Azonic DS1 hardtail
2002 Intense Tracer
2003 Iron Horse SGS expert
2006 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert (current)
2003 Santa Cruz Bullit (current)
2006 Cove Shocker DH (current)

This is solely MTB's, there's various cruisers and commuters over the years that don't really count ;)


The Official Meat of Ridemonkey
Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
Dude, I don't think I can. I can tell you that I average a bike a year at least.

Schwinn Stingray
Royce Union BMX
82? Raleigh R10 (consumer reports best BMX)
83 Proline BMX
83 Hutch BMX
84 Torker BMX
84 R&R Racing BMX
85 SE Racing PK Ripper
85 SE Racing Floval Flyer
86 Redline 24" Cruiser
87 Raleigh POS 10 speed
87 Bridgestone Mile 112
88 Centurion Dave Scott Ironman Master
88 Specialized Allez
89 Specialized Allez Epic (carbon goodness)
92 Diamondback Topanga
92 Some funky 2wd mountain bike I won from 91x radio
95 Proflex 855
98 Free Agent Team Limo
99 Dyno Moto 7
00 Redline XXX
00 Kona Stinky
01 Azonic DS1
02 Specialized BigHit
02 KHS Rigid One
03 Endless Lifetime
03 Santa Cruz Bullit
04 FA Betty (same as Rigid One)
05 GT Ruckus iDrive
05 Iron Horse Yakuza Chimpiro?
06 Iron Horse Yakuza Kumicho
07 Mountain Cycle Rumble
08 GT DHi
08 Rocky Mountain RM7

I think that's all of them. I might have missed some in the early years. The BMX models escape me, though.

Jim Mac

May 21, 2004
the middle east of NY
Holy crap...but I'll try it anyway!

1972 - used 20" bike, unknown - I painted it with a roller, puke green
1974 - used 20" bike, maybe AMF? Stingray ripoff.
1976 - used Schwinn Stingray.
1979 - used Schwinn Stingray, modified: MX grips (lol, one was "bigger than the other, why is that Dad"?), BMX bars, knobbies.
1980 - 1st BMX bike - schwinn frame, cracked it. Skyway mag wheels.
1980 - 1984 - Redline Proline - nickel plated, built up with blue parts and (I think) tuffmax front chain ring and rims (composite).

(Pause, the wasteland that was age 16-college)...

1995 - Mongoose MTB - rigid steel and 20" frame - WAY too big. Got me hooked. Maureen got me this bike.
1997 - Haro A7 - Ball burnished! Rock shock Indy fork that didn't work when it got cold outside (bumpers froze).
(1999 - "shared" a dh bike with Maureen - 1999 Haro MX2, built by Intense).
2002 - Rocky Mountain Pipeline - 1st "freeride" bike, still use it as a trail bike.
2003 - Bought a 1985 Bianchi road bike.
2004 - Kona Stab - 7" travel DH/FR bike.
2006 - Azonic Steelhead SS for trail/jumping/street.
2007- Sinister R9, raw aluminum.
2008 - Sinister Gruitr - 4.5 or 5.5" travel trail/DS/Super D bike - coming soon.


Cranky Pants
Nov 10, 2004
I'm sure I'm forgetting something....

1973 Tricycle
1974 Tiny sparkly red two wheeler
1975 White Huffy POS
1977 Yamaha Moto Bike (FVCK YESS!!!)
1981 Blue Huffy POS BMX (stolen)
1983 Tore up Mongoose BMX
1984 Ancient Schwinn cruiser
1985 Red 10 speed POS (stolen)
1986 Black KHS Touring bike 21 speed
1990 Bridgestone CB0
1992 Specialized Hardrock
1995 Another Specialized Hardrock
1997 Beater Cannondale mtb
1998 Beater Specialized Stumpjumper
1998 Specialized Rockhopper Comp FS
1999 Santa Cruz Chameleon
1999 Bontrager B1 Pro XL
2001 Santa Cruz Chameleon (03 zoke fork added)
2008 ....... ....... ....


The Official Meat of Ridemonkey
Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
I remember there was a 3 year span where I had a bike stolen every few months, but would buy one at the police auction to replace it. I had at least 2 Mongooses in that time.

The Hutch, the DG, the R&R, and the Torker were all stolen either from my house or at school.


The Official Meat of Ridemonkey
Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
Up until 87 you had some rad bikes... kinda fell off after that, though. 'Cept the FA Limo.
The early years were my feeble attempt at BMX racing. I spent 3 years trying to road race, then the military took up some time from 91-93. I got the ProFlex when I finished my AS degree, but I didn't get into riding until I got the Stinky. It's come and gone ever since.

This is a big year, though. I am racing this year and my wife has promised to ride more too. The RM7 will be my XC bike.


Texans fan - LOL
Aug 13, 2007
take most of r464's no longer have list and that's my now have list..

take his have now list and most likely that will be my soon to have list...


Hey baby, want a hot dog?
Jul 9, 2002
Jimtown, CO
I am down to just 1.5.

My main sled....'01 GF Sugar
...& my on going CX build project. I should be shot because I don't even remember who the frame is by. Some new company that makes bargain frames that appear to be top drawer quality.....SOUL CYCLES! That is it.
I got the frame on closeout for $75 (or somehwere around there).

La has 3.

Serial Midget

Al Bundy
Jun 25, 2002
Fort of Rio Grande
1) Early 70's green Schwinn Stingray.
2) Late 70s Green Schwinn LeTour
3) 1979 Mikado road bike (lightweight Japanese)
4) 1981 Miyata road bike.
5) 1984 Univega Competitione (one of my favorites bikes - still in service but not by me, I gave it to a friend in 06.)
6) Mid 80s Schwinn touring frame in ROOTBEER that I built for the dirt roads in rural Colorado, it was stolen from me from where I worked.
7) 1991 Serotta road bike that I currently ride - rebuilt with Campy Chorus 10 in 2002.
8) 1995 Trek Y3
9) 1997 Trek Y22
10) 1998 Giant Tomak something that I broke in a few months.
11) 2004 Giant XTC SE1 (still have but built down frame to a commuter / touring bike.
12) 2005 Gary Fisher Sugar 4+ which is what I ride today.

Today I just have the Serotta, Giant XTC & Sugar.

edit: I forgot a 1994 Giant Warp 3 with the square tubes. :)


Carbon Porn Star
Sep 11, 2001
Danbury, CT
Well, here are mine, since college anyway. I might be leaving out one or two here or there, but this is at least most of them:
'92 Giant Cadex CFM-3 hardtail
'95 AMP B-3
'97 Haro hardtail slalom bike
'98 Santa Cruz Super 8
'96 Foes Weasel
These are all Giants:
'99 DH Team
'99 XTC DS1
'99 XTC SE
'99 MCM Team
'00 XTC
'00 NRS
'01 NRS x2
'01 MCM Team
'01 Warp DS-1
'01 OCR-1
'01 TCR
'01 DH Team Proto
'01 VPP DH proto frame - Still have
'02 DH Team
'02 XTC
'02 NRS
'02 ACid
'02 AC-Air
'02 AC-1
'02 TCR Elite
'02 TCR Carbon
'03 DH Team
'03 NRS-Air
'03 XTC
'03 AC-1
'03 VT-1
'03 TCR Carbon
'04 NRS Carbon
'04 XTC alloy
'04 XTC Hybrid x3 - Still have one
'04 VT-1
'04 XTC SS
'05 Trance - Still have
'05 Reign - Still have
'05 XTC Carbon - Still have
'05 TCR Carbon
'05 XTC SS - Still have

Non Giants:
Chromag Sakura
Seven Verve
Specialized S-Works CX

Road Bikes:
Look 555
Look 585 Ultra
Look 496 Tri
Concorde Scandium
Colnago CLX

I have all of the non-Giants now, and a couple of the Giants from back in the day still.

CrabJoe StretchPants

Reincarnated Crab Walking Head Spinning Bruce Dick
Nov 30, 2003
Groton, MA
00 Haro EX.0
02 Norco VPS Shore
04 Banshee Scream
04 .243 SL
04 Turner DHR
06 Turner DHR*
03 Turner RFX*
04 Turner Burner*



Carbon Porn Star
Sep 11, 2001
Danbury, CT
1994 Gary Fisher Aquila
1996 Trek Y-22
1998 Specialized FSR pro
2000 Giant DH Team
Haro A4 hardtail
2001 Giant AC2
2002 Specialized Big Hit DH
2003 Intense M1
Azonic DS1 hardtail
2002 Intense Tracer
2003 Iron Horse SGS expert
2006 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert (current)
2003 Santa Cruz Bullit (current)
2006 Cove Shocker DH (current)

This is solely MTB's, there's various cruisers and commuters over the years that don't really count ;)
Dude, I totally forgot you were rocking the ATX-DH bike for a season! Funny.


beer and bikes
Feb 6, 2003
Portland, OR
In the order that I got them...

'76 Evil Kneivel bike (you've seen the pics... :D )
'79 Red/Yellow Schwinn Stingray
'84 Kuwahara BMX (god I LOVED that bike!)
'87 Miyata tri bike (I dabbled in triathlons in high school)
'91 Bianchi Ibex (first MTB)
'01 Trek 4500
'04 Kona Dawg
'02 Giant DH Comp
'05 Azonic Steelhead Pro
'06 Jamis Ventura Comp (roadie)
'07 Transition Covert
'07 Sinister R9


Apr 6, 2007
age 5, some red thing with solid rubber tires prolly 16"
age 10, a 24" blue "mtb" 6 speed sis thumbies that i now know were never adjusted properly.
2004 an '89 stumpy comp
an '05 hardrock disc..
a second hand old fisher hookoo
trek 1200
'06 '02 titus racer-x, '03 epic comp
two dump bikes, a nishiki road and a sears ladies road turned into singles
numerous other dumpster bikes
norco fluid <- my nice bike
'07 bsa frame to replace the broken trek
redline conquest frame to replace the bsa
08 ... ?


The Official Meat of Ridemonkey
Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
In the order that I got them...

'84 Kuwahara BMX (god I LOVED that bike!)
'05 Azonic Steelhead Pro
I always wanted the Kuwahara! My brother had one and it was awesome. But I got the R&R that he always wanted.

I had an Azonic Steelhead that year as well, I knew I forgot something.

<edit> R&R Goodness. The single top tube/rear triangle was awesome. The seat tube was like 12" MAX.



Texans fan - LOL
Aug 13, 2007
You're stealing his bikes?

No,no,no. Not a bike thief!! He has a habit and addiction to building up bikes, I go over to his house to get parts help or fix help, see one of his bikes he's built up and go "How much?" Next thing you know, I'm telling my wife why I wrote Bob yet another check....

His Haro X3 is now my DH rig, thus the name
His Schwinn Mirada he rescued from the side of the road is now my road/cross/pimp bling project bike (670b sweet, may I add!)
I have a lot of wheels/hubs/forks/etc that he has owned and has since sold to me.

Just free market bike dealin'...

OBTW, next....the Bullitt


Turbo Monkey
Jun 24, 2005
I had a few dyno/gt's and some old skool schwinns growing up.

Mtn bikes...
cannondale m1000 first good bike
giant nrs 1- don't know what year maybe 2000
Santa cruz bullit
banshee morphine
intense 5.5
foes Fxr 2:1
fisher ferrous 29er steel*
turner sultan*
Redline conquest pro*

* currently own


The Official Meat of Ridemonkey
Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
This is mine, the Laser Lite. Wish I still had it! :(
Redline flights AND beartrap pedals. 100% awesome.

I was thinking about putting beartraps on my DH bike this year. Kick it old school, but then I remembered how much flesh I lost and decided against it.

Red Rabbit

Picky Pooper
Jan 27, 2007
Murrey 2000 First bike
a bunch of toys R us Bikes (got a new one every year for my birthday untill 7th grade)
Schwinn cruiser (found in my grandparents garage, was stolen from my middle school)
Puegot ten speed (stolen from high school)
Mongoose tens speed (stolen from high school)
Miyata 10 speed
2005 Specialized Hardrock disc
2006 Kona Coiler (did not buy complete, built up from frame)
2005 Santa Cruz Bullit (built up from frame)

I miss the cruiser the most, it was a lot of fun.


site moron
Jul 5, 2006
Vernon, NJ
1996 dyno nsx
2002 giant boulder
2005 giant iguana
1979 ross euro sport
1981 ross adventurer
1970 ross euro sport X
2006 iron horse sunday world cup
2003 giant warp
2007 orange 224
One or more steel tricycles
Some kind of fat-tired job
Skinny tired Hawthorne (Montgomery Ward)
Columbia (?) ten speed, gave it to a tug boat captain when I left Pusan
A series of Raleigh three speeds
Peugeot UO-8
Ratty ten speed
Better ten speed touring bike
Specialized Rock Hopper
Two Raleigh M8000s
Ellsworth Joker
Fort road bike
Bridgestone MB3
Another Rock Hopper
Diamondback BMX
Santa Cruz Heckler

Probably forgot some...