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Feb 23, 2011
I think I may have a similar problem - I can get the drive-side bolt out no problems, but the non-drive is stuck: trying to loosen it with an allen key both ends just loosens off the drive side. I can't really see a way out of this one except maybe drilling it out which will cause more problems than it solves! Help, anyone?
ps I've tried tapping it out from the drive side after liberal application of penetrating fluid all over but no joy...


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May 23, 2002
borcester rhymes
Been a long time, but I remember when I replaced the bearings, I had to take one bolt out, then tap the hell out of the pin to get it out. Once out, I needed a vise/visegrips to hold the center of the pin, then every manner of heat/oil/the will of god to get the other side out. I can't remember which side came out for me, but I remember it not being easy. You may have to blast it with a sledge, then clamp the pin to get the second bolt out. THen just replace it.


Jan 4, 2023
Hey Guys,

Been a long time Ironhorse guy, had an original Factory frame from 2005 when they came out. gutted I sold it.

Recently bought a (05/06) Team full bike, stripped it to rebuild it and looking for an exploded diagram of the 05 or 06 versions? bearings that came out were normal non extended race ones but after rebuilding with the same sizes its got a load of play and feels real tight down in the DW link area. Have used the same spacers that came out in exactly the same position so im a bit stumped.

Any help would be massively appreciated (note : I have searched on here and can only find the 2007 frame assembly diagram)

Cheers, Chris.