the random thought thread


the teste
Nov 22, 2002
Finally, I have great use for old suspension and brake oil.

I can hook you up with some bodily fluids. Just let me know what flavor and how many barrels you require. Sadly due to supply chain issues runny ear wax only comes in 5 gallon buckets.


Business is good, thanks for asking
Jun 4, 2006
I have no idea where I am
While fresh blueberries for pancakes are no longer in season locally, I must say that I have been enjoying the ones from Peru. Not as sweet but I like the tartness contrasted with maple syrup. Nom nom nom.


used an iron once
Jan 20, 2009
I haven't written a will but I sorta feel guilty having to leave my tools to someone because they'd be a massive pain in the ass to move and store or even to sell.
There's sockets from 3mm to 65mm, five torque wrenches, seven electrical crimpers, seven chargers for different batteries and oodles of electrical stuff.
When I am old, poor and eating dog food I will probably regret some things.


Nacho Libre
Mar 16, 2004
Everytime I hear a random gun shot I think its my neighbor who has been trying to build his house for the last 2 years. Now he is onto the drywalling but has conspicuously skipped the electrical inspection. I do not see this ending well.


You might feel a little prick.
Sep 1, 2015
San Diego
I bought a fountain pump and it’s a “mag drive”. I asked the lady how it worked and she didn’t know. But it does work.


You might feel a little prick.
Sep 1, 2015
San Diego
Why is it that it is always the conservative god fearing wave the flag white guys that ignore the 10 commandments and do the mass shootings and never the liberal atheists? Explain that to me.
Religion is for dumb people lacking moral compass. Also the Bible, religion and the 10 commandments are a bit at odds with each other on the subject of killing. The hypocritical nature of religion and the religious all through history. People love to hate and hurt when they are hungry for anything life has to offer or they have fear. Maybe they are just more animalistic in nature which is also why they need religion.

There’s this taco shop I drive by “mi tio chuy” And all I can think of is a funny rv show called “my uncle Jesus” about some teenager who uncle is Jesus Christ and they drink beer and get into shenanigans.


Cake Tease
May 29, 2011
Went to go watch the latest episodes of Yellowstone on Prime, only to be told that I need to sub-subscribe to Paramount, to be able to view.

Yeah no thanks, I think I'll be okay without that.