the stuff for sale agian (mistakinly deleted the last one)


Turbo Monkey
Feb 7, 2004
alex. va. usa.
some one asked if i had a rear brake. i do please pm me.

if you read the old post you know why i'm selling the stuff listed here.

1)weyless 67 frame set (sold)
2)i should be getting a sherman slider '05 nib (warrenty) $300 w/ 8" adapter and both size crowns
3)fsa 330 h-bar (i think is has a buyer) $20
4)truvative box giuld (bet but still works) $20
5)fsa platinum pro bb (68*113) (good) $20 (it might be a 73*113)
6)racefase diaboulus stem 70mm 25 (in good condition, bolts are rusty though)

i will think of more as time comes

pm for details

i'm in norfolk and the parts are in springfield so i will not be able to get them to you too fast but i will as soon as i can.