theMontashu's new ride


Pourly Tatteued Jeu
Mar 15, 2004
I'm homeless
based on what I saw during my time living in LA, that would be considered a GOOD parking job
For real, that thing is understated for Oakland, and pretty new. Usually there a bit older with bigger rims even (some times those things get like 6 inch lifts to fit tires)

Funny story about those things, I was working off Ashby and San Pablo in Berkeley, while the area it self was ok, it was a few blocks from the ghetto. I was upstairs, and my co worker spotted a gold a gold SC450 done. I **** you not 4 of the hugest black dudes I've seen in my life poured out. They walked up the street, pop pop pop, ran back in the car, and dipped. 5 min later there were probably 10 cop cars.


Detective Dookie
Nov 10, 2005
media blackout
Mistah Fab said:
look, the streets know what just this is
ghost ride the whip up and down the strip
the ghost bustas, they the police
always wanna pull a n**** over for his piece
not me, i get it in a scrape
tiremarks on the street lookin like figure 8's
sideshow, you know where im going
from the north to the east incase you aint knowin
baaayyyy bizzz
a town politic
hit club late now trying ta holla at a chick
cant get in the club, gotta parkin' lot pimp
heyy lil mama come holla at a pimp
what you know about, gettin' you a whip
buy ya self some shoes and then your car kicks
ice up ya neck, ya hands and ya whip
just to hang out the window and stuntin' wit ya click
oh yea


Hey baby, want a hot dog?
Jul 9, 2002
Jimtown, CO
there is a pedophile here on the north side that drives a baby blue camaro with purple 24"s & clifford the big blue dog on the side. it is common knowledge in that neighborhood that the dude likes to touch little kids. crazy ****.


Jun 7, 2007
Warsaw :/
Reading this thread made me think:
For the first time since I can remember I'm glad I'm polish...