Thoughts on 2008 Stab Delux?


Feb 18, 2004
Burlington, Vermont
Well after taking a year of from downhill riding because of financial reasons I've really been wanting to get back into the riding, and maybe a race here or there. I just wanted to see what everyone's thought were on the 2008 Stab Delux. My last race bike was a 2006 Sunday USA. I'm a big strong guy 5'11" around 200lbs and I didn't have my Sunday built up real light so I'm not worried if the Kona is a little heavy. I'm just curious as to the geometry and the general quality of the bike. I know Kona's have a reputation in the past as crap but they seem to be getting better. This bike I believe I could get at shop price so it would allow me to get back on a downhill bike at a reasonable cost. I'd probably slowly switch out some of the parts like the bars, stem, seatpost, which are all Kona made and I'm sure incredibly heavy. Any thoughts would be quite great.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 7, 2001
Your face.
I plan on riding one of those badboys this year too. You're right, I can guarantee the stock Kona parts are going to be heavy. They'll be perfectly functional, but heavy.

The Geo on the Stabs are fairly adjustable, what with the little shock shuttle thingy at the bottom. I'd imagine that you'd be able to dial it in to pretty much whatever you want, including stupid slack/ low BB and no shuttle.

I can also say the Floating system works, although I'm less then thrilled about having to use Ringle hubs. Bleh.