Throw the baby out with the bath water.


Jan 4, 2008
5280 Colorado
Nationally and locally in 2009 USA Cycling has chosen to eliminate all gated classes for kids 18 and under in DS and 4X disciplines. It’s just amazing that USA Cycling will not provide any more support for the future of gated gravity riders in the USA. :poster_oops:
Presently Kelli Lusk with USA Cycling has avoided making any comments regarding these changes. If you think kids should have a place to participate in gated gravity MTB racing please send her an email @ klusk@usacycling.org and let her know.

Regarding the Rocky Mountain racing scene we are waiting to see what the Mountain States Cup will do for 2009 regarding the Groms. We are hoping Keith Darner and the MSC crew will continue to step it up for the under 18 crowd. Last year they made some great efforts and changes to better serve the kids.

Saving the best news for last Crankworks is in the know and will continue to welcome the groms for both of there venues (Winterpark, Colorado & Whistler BC). The Cranksworks promoters are truly making a place for (kids) the future of the support and they should be truly commended. :clapping:
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