Thule Revolver 4 Bike Hitch Rack


Feb 13, 2008
Hey guys,

I tried searching around but could not find exactly what i was looking for.

For anyone that has this rack (mine will be on a 4 runner)

How do heavier bikes work on it and what is the weight limit? But me and my roommate have Norco Shores (weird frame design) and my girlfriend rides a Kona (shouldn't be too hard to get it on there)

Also does this rack lock into my trailer hitch, or do i need to buy something separately.

Thanks for the help guys, i hope to go buy it this weekend :monkeydance:


Dec 7, 2003
San Luis Obispo, CA
I drive a '98 4Runner with a older Sportworks T2 Rack. Thule now sells them since they bought Sportworks.

On a lot of newer cars, specially Toyota 3rd/4th generation 4Runners, the main pin hole on the side is too far forward to get enough overlap on the top pin lever (which stabilizes the rack up and down).

To use the up and down stabilizer (the bolt on the top side of the rack, not the side) I needed to shove a piece of metal to make the pin lever grab the receiver of the hitch. I used a metal washer to bridge the gap and sprayed it black. You can see this in the following picture:

To hold bikes, especially odd shaped frames and heavy bikes, you can't go wrong with a T2 from Thule. It is more expensive but it's solid and hassel free. Its the best investment for a bike rack you will use for a long time.

I only have the two bike main piece but you can buy a two bike extender to hold a total of four bikes. You can check load ratings on Thule's website. Here are some pictures of my set up...