Thule SideArm for fat tires

Feb 8, 2007
I just bought a Thule sidearm and, contrary to what the folks at the shop said, the tray does not seem to accomodate a 2.7 tire. I know, if I had done my homework, I would have read on the Thule website that the tray accommodates tires up to 2.6... well I have a 2.5 (both Nevegals) on the back and the rear tire still does not fit soundly in the tray. The knobs have to hang over the side a bit. Is this a major problem? I haven't mounted it yet to test its stability in use, because I may want to take it back. Does anyone out there have any experience with a Thule Sidearm tray and fat tires? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

PS - I'm stuck with the Thule Crossroad rack, so my only other option would be a Yakima HighRoller attached to my Thule crossbars.

Thanks for any tips.


Jun 5, 2007
I hauled by Brooklyn Race Link all of Colorado last season with a 2.8 Michelin on it. Zero problems. We did the entire MSC series and must have logged over 3500 miles with the bike on the roof.


Turbo Monkey
Feb 9, 2004
South Seattle
The sidearm is the same as the Sportworks (now Thule) hitch rack. Seeing as how that is the standard DH bike rack, I can't imagine it wouldn't work.
Don't worry if the knobs hang over. If you're really stressed about it, use a toe clip strap to give yourself some extra piece of mind.

The Yakima Highroller is a piece. I have one and I don't really trust it with DH bikes and it takes for ever to load/unload. I've switched to fork-ups for the roof.


Feb 12, 2003
Huntington beach
i had this problem with a yakima rack i used to have. i simply had to deflate the tires some to have them nestle down. worked great, just kind of a pain to have to bring a pump every time.