Thursday Evening ride , always Fun!


Nam I am
Well I commuted by Bike to work today, and On the way Home I thought the ride was starting at 5:30 and There was no way I was going to get home , switch bikes/shoes/gloves/etc and get there on time. So I just went with the road bike right to the start. I got there about 5:25 and the silver turtle informed me it was 5:45 start , so I boigied Home , Which 2 good climbs in 2 miles, then Changed every thing, on the Mt bike, which felt really wierd after 20 miles on a road bike. then up the big hill to get to the other side were I joined up with PK, Z, Steve_B, IF_rider , the Silver turtle ( dirtrider2 ) and donny.

(PK is the executive Director of NEMBA , and a writer for Dirt Rag)
(Z is on the board of Directors of IMBA )

and we rode, here is the silver turtle dropping with me a little too close

IF_rider on the same drop with me stepping back a few feet

Z dropping into the half pipe

Berkshire_rider has to get in on the action

Silver turtle , came up a little short off of the kicker

IF_rider coming off of the rock ( not the kicker )

Z coming up the Hop up

PK hopping up a rock. PK is tough to get pics of because he is so dam fast!!!

Z hitting the jump between the trees

IF_rider has been eyeing this for a while he finally hit it tonight ! He has been looking so smooth on that AC

and fianally , Z hitting one of the larger chutes. at this point I didnot have my lights with me so I had to bggie to get out with light.


skinny mike

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Jan 24, 2005
splat said:
at this point I didnot have my lights with me so I had to bggie to get out with light.
lights are overrated. :p i did a ride with justbill today in harold parker and near the end of the ride on one of the more technical trails you couldnt see what you were riding over. jedi night rides are fun. :thumb:


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Dec 10, 2002
Burlington, Connecticut
splat said:
She was Hittin' everything !! she was even talking about that it might be time to change out the Monkey light Handle bars and get some thing Beefier

Next she'll be riding one of those new Intense VPX 6.6 bikes! :cool: