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Trail Rat
Jul 8, 2002
Alamance County, NC
Good Morning!!

Freakin' sweet!!! .....We got a freak "thundersnow" last night at around 10. It only lasted about an hour or so, but we got 6in. of powdery snow out of it in a hurry. I was about to go to bed, and happened to look outside, and was amazed at how much snow was coming down. The drive in this morning was really fun---the roads are pure ice and snow, and since there aren't many people on the road when I'm heading to work, I got to play around a little bit.

Justine and I don't really have a whole lot going on for this Valentines evening. Maybe I'll pick up a pizza and cut it into the shape of a heart or something.....

Y'all have a great evening.......:cupidarrow:


I give a shirt
Jan 17, 2006
da Burgh
GFF, Get well man!

G-hound, we got the thundersnow the other night! one clap of thunder and flash of lightning hit the radio tower right behind our house and at first I thought it was a transformer blowing up, because of the color it made reflecting off the snow... but a few more lightning bolts and I had figured out what it was! :thumb:

I was working diligently on building up the new rig for our trip to Ray's on Sunday during the 2 snowdays we just had. (let me repeat myself I HATE SNOWDAYS!!! ) now they are taking away planned days off that I had planned appointments etc on... anyway... I just need a few more parts etc. :thumb:


beer and bikes
Feb 6, 2003
Portland, OR
Morning. I'm in a chipper mood today for some unknown reason? :think: Had a good spin class last night. It was cool, we did a lot of visualization exercises. Long grinding climbs with our eyes closed "seeing" the top of the hill, cresting it, etc.. It was cool. For one of the exercises, I was picturing one of the DH courses we race at Mt. Snow and I felt like I was going to tip over the bike on the trainer. Everybody must have thought I was nuts :D Anywho...

Got big plans for tonight. Got my mom to babysit (unbeknownest to the wife) and I'm taking her out to this really nice steakhouse and then to a local watering hole after to see a friend of our who playing there tonight. Hopfully the whole thing goes off without a hitch and she really is surprised. :)


My name is Nick
Sep 21, 2001
behind you, don't wait up.
good morning.

I went out last night with a girl I used to date. By the end of the night, I wondered why I was there. People are strange.

After I got home from dropping her off I slipped and fell on some ice, my ass and is killing me. Its incredible how fast you hit the deck when that happens ... WHAM.

Have a great day.


The Real Dr. Science
Jul 12, 2004
Sleepy Hollar
you mean problems like your white balance being off?:poster_oops::imstupid:
Isn't that a song by Prince? Purple snow, Purple snow... or something like that.

Morning all,

I'm back from a week of forced labor in the RM salt mine. (I got nailed in the latest hotlinking porno sting operation. Oh well, live and learn.) Nothing much happened during the intervening week. The weather was finally nice enough over the weekend to take the boy for cruise in the trailer. We rode downtown for a burrito and then went home for a nap. Later in the afternoon my wife and I hitched the back up and did hill intervals, taking turns towing. Jebus, that's hard work. I can't wait to do it again, but judging by the up coming forecast it won't be for awhile.

Climbing at the gym today during lunch. I think it's been a year since my last climb. It should hurt like hell. :twitch: :D


Harbinger of Doom
Oct 23, 2001
'morning, monkies

my alarm went off at 6 this morning, and i turned it off and went back to sleep. the rotation i'm on ends friday and i'm getting lazier by the day. bleh.

sending flowers to the girl at her classroom today (she's a teacher, not a student! heh), so i guess i'm involuntarily buying into the hallmark holiday. oh well.
Dec 13, 2007
Rochester, NY
Cold ride in today. But there was actually a break in the clouds and I put sunglasses on.

Got to work by 9 after my hour commute, but I have no appointments until 3, so I'm twiddling my thumbs for most of the day. I should work on a revision of my research paper since I'm spending next week in Jamaica and won't realistically work on it at all, which will mean an all nighter after my midnight flight to get it done on time.

83 degrees in Jamaica - can't wait to get the hell out of NY!