Thursday Night ride and spring is coming!!!


Nam I am
Was a Good night foir a ride and out we went

Getting a little artsy with a Siloutte of Donny doing a roll

SloMoJo goes down F*** it

Dubber , Joining us for the first ( but hopefully not last ) time .

SloMoJo just a little bit Nose heavy!!

IF_rider on the Big Chute

SloMoJo same Chute

Berkshire rider -- MayDay!!!

SloMoJo -- oh no there's 2 of them!!

Donny will be joining the crash thread once again

and finally Dubber making a creek crossing.

Ahh it was a good ride!!!


Dec 17, 2002
New England
So, SandBagMofo is back riding again? Good to see that. I'm going to have to get back there and ride with him. Or maybe you guys could drag him down here for a ride?
Roger That Quo ... Look forward to it.

Thanks for those pics Splat ... good job as usual.

I did 3 rollers I have never done before ... overcame my fears ... it was a good night. "I get by with a lil help from my friends".

I took my 66 off and slept with her last night ... that's how good she was to me. :biggrin: