Tilting windmills with Don Quixote

eric strt6

Resident Curmudgeon
Sep 8, 2001
directly above the center of the earth
Crazy ass wind was blowing out of the central valley today. Rode Brushy Peak and I could have sworn I was seeing the grass turning color to brown as I rode

The windmills were screaming, literally you could hear the bearing noise.

A couple of times on the climb the gusts were so strong that I came to a dead stop and had to get off going up this open section

The top rocky section was nice

looking down at Livermore National Laboratory

Let it rip from here, added 5psi to my rear shock and a click of preload to the front before leaving home and it was just about perfect fron flicking through the rocks

looking back


Turbo Monkey
Mar 19, 2013
Wets Coast
ride looked awesome! im going to PM you about this place.

live about 2 hours away and i want to see mostly what types of trails this place has got.