Timberline Bike Park

Oct 23, 2009
I'm posting this thread all over the place, Timberline needs some help.

Mountain bikers of the NorthWest need some help! A proposed lift accessed trail system is receiving a ton of backlash from local idiots, newpapers, and television news casters.

Here is a link to the proposed Timberline bike park. They are still looking for ideas and feedback for the proposed park. Ideas, previous experience, and feedback is still needed!


This is the email you can respond to.
Support and Concern: mmalone@fs.fed.us
Program Ideas: http://www.formstack.com/forms/timberlinelodge-mountain_bike_feedback

Check this little article too, read the comments and leave a comment, it's worth it!


This is the kind of mindset we are battling down here.