Timberline DH


Aug 10, 2010
I had a chance to ride Timberline DH trails last weekend. There's great terrain with plenty of vertical. The trails can be a bit confusing at first but follow the Red, Orange, Yellow, & White tags & you'll be fine. Even better hook up with JR or his son in the bike shop & he'll show you the goods. I especially liked the Red trail with the twisted sister steep burmed turns. The orange line off of the red was great also. The lower section has lots of line choices. The yellow has a nice steep rooty line. Well worth the trip. If you get a late start out no worries as they will give you a half day rate. I'll have to go back as I did not get a chance to try Mellow Yellow(Narnia) according to Downhill Dave K. and I hear it's a must ride n see.