Time to replace TLD SE?


Turbo Monkey
So I've got an 05 TLD SE and crashed it fairly hard about 3 times. One was a grazing blow to the side on roots at 25mph, one was a face plant on a dh jump landing hill that was frozen in Dec, and the most recent was about a 15mph face plant in a rock garden that cracked the plastic piece in front of the metal mesh/dust guard. I've taken the liner out and inspected the foam and I cannot see any signs of it compressing, and there is no visible cracks on the helmet... Is it still in need of replacement? I'm not particularly worried about the cash because I rather like not drooling while I eat pudding, but I was wondering if anyone has insight as to when is enough for a moto helmet before sending it to TLD and having them inevitably claim it unworthy.... Thanks


Sep 22, 2004
Get a new one. If I didn't hate crashing so much then I would love trading in my TLD for a new one. They are good about giving breaks on crashed helmets plus you get a nice new helmet with whatever kick ass graphics TLD is putting on them this year. Get a new one.