Tips on DH Racing


Feb 4, 2004
Brooklyn, NY
Sup guys... I just started racing this season, my first time. I'm racing Jr. Expert. I have a problem though.. when I'm practicing with my friends, they tell me I always lock up my brakes, and theres always dust behind me.

My fingers are always on my brake levers, and I really dont feel like im braking alot.. I feel like im going fast, but I guess I dont since I dont place so well. I guess I'm just scared to let go off my brakes.

Do you have any tips for me to learn how to ride with out locking up my brakes everytime? It seems that when I let go off my brakes and go my fastest, I always fly out of the course or just loose control of the bike.

If you have any tips on how to improve my time, please share with me. I'd really appriciate it. Thanks guys.


Dec 23, 2004
Go really fast in the places you know for sure you wont have problems controlling your bike. Just remember that everyone has to go "slow" in some sections, don't try to be a hero in those sections by comming in too hot. Sometimes you can go faster by going slower.


Turbo Monkey
Jan 2, 2005
DC/Bluemont VA
let the wheels roll through the rough stuff and just slam on the brakes hard and deliberately when you actually need them to make a turn or clear a tricky section.

It's all about anticipating the need.

Lime Green

Aug 14, 2005
South Africa
Try do all your braking before the corner. let the bike roll through the corner. a lot of time is saved in the corner speed.
And just flow. Racing is more fun if you having fun .
Be smooth and the speed will come.



Jan 30, 2002
Look further ahead down the trail. This will allow you to set up for corners at speed and you will be less likely to fly off. Staying loose will also help and lot but in reality its most likely mental. Confidence comes from experience so the more you ride the better it'll get. That and instead of going first follow your friends(as long as they are faster). It will help you see what lines they are picking and when they are slowing down.


Jun 26, 2005
Raleigh, NC
Also break before the really tech stuff and slow down to a good speed and let go of the breaks though all the rocks and roots, so you wont be sliding around as mutch. Also try to look ahead like some other people said, when I find myself looking to close to the front wheel I end up having to slow down to mutch for corners and stuff because I cant see the line far enough ahead of time.
I am not that fast but doin it Gran Tourismo style (breaking ahead of time and then going over obstacles or through turns) helps my speed alot and keeps me in more controll.


Sep 9, 2001
i have to agree...slower is faster. i just can't listen to my own advice. i don't race often anymore but when i do i get too excited and try to go too fast resulting in a lot of mistakes and crashes. so just look as far ahead as possible, stay calm, and just try to float down the trail. remember it's easy, u just have to ride your bike down a hill faster than everyone else lol that's just like the advice i got from my hockey coach "it's a simple game, just stop the puck" talking about goaltending in hockey.


Turbo Monkey
Feb 13, 2005
Charlotte, NC
your front brake is your best friend, flow into every run, keep your balance point low and back, and loosen up don't tense up your body, if you let everything flow you'll be just fine, most of all, HAVE FUN! don't be scared of the course if your just having fun and not thinking about "oh did i come out of that switchback fast enough" you'll race a lot faster :D