Tires for a Commuter: Any Recommendations?


Turbo Monkey
Jul 12, 2002
THE Palouse
Howdy, sorry about this being bike-related and all but...

I'm looking fo' a pair of rubbers for my commuter bike. I've got yer standard 26" Mavic Crosslink wheels and am looking for something that will work primarily on asphalt/sidewalk but will see some time in the dirt ... nothing hardcore, though.

So here's what I've been looking at:
WTB All Terrainasaurus
IRC Fiesterra

Looking any personal recommendations, experiences, etc. Up until I've been commuting on IRC Velociraptors but I'd like to save that tread for riding that will need it. No use burning up $30 knobbies on the asphalt, ya know?


Nov 29, 2004
Take a look at the Ritchey Speedmax. Slick down the middle with a little knob on the side. ....a little knob on the side...hmm, that just didn't sound right.

Also the Kenda Cross. I have commuted on both. You will have a noticeable difference in your commute time switching to a slicker tire.


Tube Smuggler
Sep 13, 2004
The greatest commuter tire of all time was Continental's Town and Country. Why? Because it was made in Germany...

Firstly, I think you shouldn't bother with any kind of side tread. Unless you ride on some dirt roads, smooth means fast.

Secondly, width is the next question. You could put 1 inch (Conti Grand Prix) to 2.5 inch (Maxxis Hookworm) tires on a bike. I have a pair of Specialized Fat Boys for fast training and Town & Countries for my all around commuter.

Finally, flat resistance is the key. I am going to try Specialized Nimbus 1.5 Armadillo's on my newest commuter. I don't like working with Hemisphere Armadillos because the bead is very inflexible, but I have to ride this bike to train station and back, so I wanted a very durable tire. We will see.


Mar 14, 2005
My favorite commuter tire is Continental Town and Country tire.. they have a good width on them and enough bite to still ride on hardpack soil