Todays boredom project(and need some chainguide help)...


Jan 8, 2003
Alpharetta, Ga
My old Planet-X Ridge back has been somewhat neglected recently, and my Uzzi was shedding some good parts, so i put them to use.

04 Planet-x ridgeback
-Holzfellar OCT cranks with team race BB
-z1 bomber air
-spinergy fall line wheel set
-hayes brakes
-azonic bar and sette stumpy stem
-lounge chair with thomson seatpost

Im having an issue with the crank change and chain guide. I changed from Truv Hussfelts with a 36 tooth ring to holzfellars, tried to reuse the 36t ring but not only did the ring mount on the "big ring" area on the holz's(effectively moving the chain further away from the frame), but also the whole bb assembly properly spaced seems to be much wider. The end result was that the original Truvativ Box chainguide didnt even come close to lining up. Whats my fix here?

What you see on the pics below is my attempt at a ghetto rig.