Today's Ride w/16 Year Old Son - Awesome!!!



For those of you who need a brief update - recently, I got my first SS and also picked up an FSR XC for my son who just turned 16. We're riding again & lovin' it!!!

We had a most enjoyable ride late this afternoon at Berry College (Rome, GA). The weather was near-perfect - temp was great but the sky was a little overcast. We rode singletrack from the parking lot for a while then hit the road up to the lake, then continued around the lake and up to the "four-way" intersection.

I gotta tell ya, I've been up this road many, many times but never on a single speed and frankly, I anticipated having to walk up the last part. But no, I made it - wasn't really that bad until the final 80 feet, or so where it gets steeper and a little loose. Being familiar with this segment from the lake to the intersection, I paced myself and then before I knew it, I was at the top.

Sure, at the top I coughed up some blood & I guess that was part of a lung, but, hey, I made it.

Coming back was awesome as well. Junior (not his real name - he's the 3rd son) allowed me to go first and he followed closely behind with his full-suspension. He's showing significant improvement . . . hmmm, may be time to start filling his frame with sand.

And yes, the photo is heavily (& poorly) edited.

Happy riding,




I did post a photo of both bikes - the thread that preceeded this one - somewhere.

and how was he doing on the hills ? better or worse than you ?
Not too good - he doesn't have much muscle mass, plus, he hasn't been doing any aerobic stuff. On the last hill climb, he took off ahead of me and I caught him ~1/3 from the top.

He hasn't been trail riding in a few years and he's never been able to develop "fast" riding skills. Somehow, I think this is all going to change soon - and that's really something to look forward to.

My birthday is Saturday - I'm planning on a good 20-25 miler at BC. It's supposed to be quite chilly in the morning - I might wait to late morning before hitting the trail. I'll be 47 - assuming I live until Saturday.