Top Ten Ways To Get Your Sponsorship Proposal Thrown In The Trash


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Sep 18, 2002
Toronto, Canada
from bicycleretailer.com
OCTOBER 27, 2003 --
10. Say, "This will be my second year racing, and with your help I plan to move up to Sport class."

9. Ask for products the company has never carried.

8. Misspell the company name.

7. Forget you personalized the proposal for another company (i.e. sending Shimano a proposal that says "We can offer great exposure to SRAM.").

6. Ask for sponsorship for your epic ride across China, Russian, Africa, etc.

5. Send a 24-page proposal with no binding of any kind.

4. Send a proposal in January.

3. Send a single paragraph email.

2. Instead of requesting sponsorship, send a contract with demanding language like, "The sponsor will provide the following by Feb. 1."

1. Don't include your contact information in the proposal.

--Courtesy Jed Spangler, Ritchey's marketing guy


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Sep 18, 2002
Toronto, Canada
I had some friends that rode the continental divide MTB route about 6 years ago and they managed to get sponsored by Hayes, Manitou, Park, and a bunch of other companies. So that parts bunk (at least don't send this kind of request to Ritchey I guess), but the rest of it is kinda funny.
What if you want to race as an independant? Is it better to be on a team as far as sponsorship goes? Are companies willing to sponsor individuals, or will they think I just wnat the discount?
I haven't ever tried to get sponsors in the past, but I think that I may this year. Does anyone have an example of any old proposals?


Aug 21, 2003
Most places won't give you a flat out Sponsorship unless you are at pro ranks, and even then its getting tough.

Things to keep in mind when trying to get sponsored is, What are you offering the company? Basically, why would someone want to give you something for free, or pay your entry fees/trasnportation/lodging etc..

It is easier to pick up sponsorship if you are involved with a team or club(or at least that is what I have noticed)

Also, Sponsorships aren't always Company A giving you a ton of free crap. Most of the time its getting a discount or something along those lines.

Another good habit is to send out thank you letters even to the Companies that denied you. This helps you down the road when you have a better track record. You can try to get sponsorship every year, best not to burn your bridges. Also, your reputation on and off the track matters allot in this industry as word travels fast about you. You will build up a reputation, good or bad.

Just some quick tips.
Sep 10, 2001
I have seen at least 6 of the 10 in the last week alone....

Best advice I can give, buy a book on how to write a resume.



Aug 25, 2003
Nor- Cal
Well now that we know what not to do, I (and everyone else probably) really need to know how to get sponsors to actually look at a resume. What are companies looking for and what will make my papers stick out from the rest.

how do I show what I have to give back to the company besides my race results?

Please help!:confused: :rolleyes: :confused:


Turbo Monkey
Aug 9, 2001
Nevada, 2 hours from Mammoth
With regards to a book on sponsorship, I read one written by a female downhiller, and I'm sorry, I don't remember her name. It was informative and well written.

My past with sponsors involves first, dealing with them while I promoted a mtb event as a fund-raiser for Make-A-Wish. It seemed that anyone I contacted couldn't do enough for me and the child I was helping out. I went so far as to ask for seconds and close-outs, just so I could give something of theirs away as a prize and give them exposure for helping. I always made sure to stop by their booths at the national races I went to to say hi and thanks. It helps to put a face to a voice. From there, when my son got involved with racing, it made it easier to ask for support for him. Again, because of being pleasant (I think?) in the past, it was easier to work with the companies. Finally, now that I'm riding in honor of my daughter in Heaven, I've already received support in both freebies and discounts.

So I guess the main thing I'm trying to say is-- Don't be too picky in what you want, and always say thanks with a smile and a handshake when you can.


Feb 25, 2004
Sorry to hear about your daughter. My wife just gave up the big $$ in order to pursue a career with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She is so excited to start she can hardly wait.

Ride on and keep fulfilling the wishes!!!


Aug 5, 2003
Atlanta, GA
#4 is bogus. I just started a brand new endurance mtn bike team and we picked up most of our sponsors in January. Now that I know what the heck I'm doing, we won't be waiting so late next year, but don't think that January is too late to get some feedback.

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