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unique white person
Sep 21, 2001
will be seeing om...the jesus and mary chain...and sunn o))) in the same week in september....hello hearing aids.


Sep 8, 2009

Another day in the corporate sea of cubicles. It's supposed to be over 90 today but hopefully this rainstorm will come through as predicted. My wife is bringing the baby in to my work this afternoon so all my co-workers can see him. All my female co-workers are soooo crazy excited it's hilarious.


triple nubby
Jan 7, 2011
hopkinton ma
at work in a shed with 4 fans blowing on me and im still melting, oh well. raced windham this past weekend. did the world cup course in 3.25. i know its not anything epic speed wise but im still happy with it. today after work i may take the boat out and screw around or go swimming since its like 3billion degrees out.

Full Trucker

Frikkin newb!!!
Feb 26, 2003
First day back in mah office after trying to destroy a fine piece of German engineering in the Nevada desert. It was tiring, stressful, intense, joyful, maddening, and basically awesome as h3ll. For the uninitiated; myself, motionboy2, and another non-monkey member of the Project Baja crew went out to Reno, NV to help Desert Dingo Racing campaign their Class 11 VW in the VORRA USA 500 desert race. Bonus action: if all went well and the car held together, I would be co-driving for the 3rd leg of the race. Well, all did not go as planned and the car did not exactly hold together, despite our best efforts.

Although I didn't wind up co-driving, our crew learnt a metric sh!tload about how to race an extremely limited vehicle for a very long distance in the most ridiculous of terrain and conditions. The weekend was even complete with a "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" speech from the lead driver. This rally'd the race crew to drop the engine in the desert, replace the clutch, weld the body back together, kick the dents in the door and roof back out, bolt the fenders back on, re-wire the trashed lighting system, get the engine back in the car, and head out for what was to be a completely futile effort in finishing the race.

Like I said, it was awesome.

You can read all about our adventure if you want...

USA 500: Crewin? for the Dingo

USA 500 2012 - a set on Flickr

CrabJoe StretchPants

Reincarnated Crab Walking Head Spinning Bruce Dick
Nov 30, 2003
Groton, MA
Driving range after work. Working on driving tonight. Last night was spent on the course on short game stuff with expert advice from Polandspring88. Improvements evident. That kid is a modern day Arnie Palmer.