Tour de Fat (56k = light beer)


Turbo Monkey
Jul 12, 2002
THE Palouse
Yesterday was the Tempe Tour de Fat. I started the day leaving my house at around 9am. It's about 12 miles to the park where the party was going to be and as I'm cruising along I picked up a couple of buddies along the way. We rode through ASU campus and met up with some friends who were tailgating for the football game. Had a couple brews, played some cornhole, and continued on to the park.

We got there around 11am, just in time for the "parade" which was more like a critical mass.

My buddies Rhino & Tom.

This kid's bike was hilarious!

That's a bike mailbox. I want one...

They estimated about 2000 people at this thing.

Check out the parrot chillin' on this guys' handlebars.

Rhino's visor he made the night before.

I think this was Stinkyboy. :shocked:

Tom & Rhino

I had a devil's tail and horns, which I was really proud of!

Us drinking at the bar afterwards. I don't know why I was looking so serious...

I don't think we got home 'till around 10pm; that makes for a long day of drinking. I actually fell on the ride back and dropped my chain which, somehow, folded over. Couldn't fix the damn thing until I was sober this morning. Oh brother...

Carbon Fetish

May 6, 2002
Irvine, CA
I see a lot of kids not wearing helmets. You would think it would be mandatory for any event for legal purposes. Does AZ not have helmet laws for minor?


Plastic Santa
Jan 6, 2005

I think this was Stinkyboy. :shocked:
Dude, I still have a rash!

I was rolling the dual drive single speed and Jesse from Brodie was cool enough to let us hang out in the Brodie tent and flirt with his hot girlfriend.

I have some footage I'll sort through this weekend to see if there's anything SFW to post.