Traditional Christmas eve ride.


Nam I am
The last 4 years I have donea Mt bike ride on Christmass eve

This year wuld be no differnt.

Earlier in the Week I ran into HarryHood in the LBS.

he told me Christmass eve 12:00. so I decided to meet them , after I broughtthe kids home and ate some lunch ( and posted pics of me dragging kids across the ice ) I hopped on the bike and into the woods to meet up with the group on the other side.

well I quickly began to wonder if this was a bad Idea , the snow was very mushy and and about 3 -6 inches thick. riding up hill for the most part was imposible. flat was very tough and down hill you had no control , you sort of gave the bike the suggestion of where you wanted to go. anyway I finally go over there and met them on the trail , It was only HarryHood no one else was brave ( or stupid ) enough.

anyway He hit this Little rock right after We joined up

and here he is trying to pedal though this stuff

About this time he relized that he forgot his helmet , it was sitting nicly in his car.

Was riding with studded tires , but they are only 2.0 great on the icy stuff , but didn't quite havethe bite . he had 2.35's but no studs but a Much better bite. I think his tire choice was the better one for the conditions .

This was a lot of fun coming down , we bot said staight line straight down as you can see , we didnexactly go striagt. but it was fun!!!!

It was a lot of work , and a great workout , now I can eat an extra slice of pie tonight.

and finally , a little wheelie in to fresh snow



leg shavin roadie
Jul 14, 2003
at a road race near you
Nice pics Splat. Wish i could ride trails but we have no snow and its not been cold enough to freeze the trails only make them nice and mushy:mad: .We do an road group ride every new years day no matter the weather....can be interesting some times :help: