Trails near UCSC


Mar 6, 2005
Hey guys I just moved into UCSC and I wanted to know where I could do some easy riding that was near the campus. I've explored a little bit, but I'd rather know where to go before heading out. I have Cannondale F600 hardtail, and am pretty inexperienced so I can't do anything too hardcore. I read some stuff about some of the trails being closed, but since I don't know where anything is or how to get there I couldnt make much of it. Anyways thanks in advance for the help, maybe I'll even see some of you out there.


Everything around your area is pretty much off of Chinquapin or however you spell it. You can ride right from the North part of campus up pretty much most of the fireroads there. The XC trails are located more towards Empire Grade and in Wilder Rach there is plenty of easy beautiful and fun riding, which is on the other side (ocean side) of Empire Grade. High street turns into Empire. The more downhill/technical stuff is closer to Campus off of Chinq. Best thing to do? Find a local who will show you around, and if you just head to the bike coop on your campus (near Cowel), theres a ton of good guys there that will give you advice and/or give you the tour. Lots of UC students ride. Good Luck. Theres a lot of great stuff ranging from easy to knarly.