Transition Blindside w/ front derailleur


Oct 2, 2006
Portland, Oregon
Ok, so, obviously this isn't going to be the raddest xc climbing bike around no matter how many protein shakes I drink or how smoothly shaven my legs are, but I'm really liking the idea of running two rings on a Blindside so I can use it on trails with climbs too. I'm not talking steep tech xc style climbs, but longer smoother and sometimes steep.... fireroads and smooth singletrack climbs. I just need a way to get to the top of the hill and I'm not trying to break any records on the way up.

Anyways, it says E-type front derailleur compatible. I was thinking on going dual ring, 22 + 34, with an E-type front D and a Blackspire Stinger guide (pic below). I've been running a Stinger for a while and really dig it, but haven't ever used an E-type front D. Running a 888 for Whistler and big stuff, and a Domain 318 180mm for local (Oregon) trails.

Any words of advice? Is it pretty simple to set up? Anyone want to tell me what a bad idea this is? I'm used to the weight, I've been riding a fairly heavy Bottlerocket for a while now, but thinking about getting a Blindside this year. Most of my riding is freeride, couple of trips to Whistler, with an xc ride here and there where I don't mind suffering, and my friends are usually on heavy bikes anyways, so it's all about ripping downhill and the uphill is just a requirement to make it happen.

Here is the Blackspire Stinger if you aren't familiar: