travel conversion help

ok people, I need some help here. I have a 2002 Marzocchi DJ.1. 130mm of travel, 20mm axel, etc. It's black. I have an extra set of springs layin aroudn that are from a 100mm 2001 z.1. Question one: will these springs work in my fork? Question two: if they do, can I cut them, or do something to reduce the travel to 80mm? I rememebr with my 2000 z.1 I could cut springs and use spacers under the top out springs to reduce the travel to anything I wanted to. Is it the same system for the 2002 forks?


Turbo Monkey
Nov 29, 2001
Boston Area
I have never cut a spring, but so long as the length of the primary + topout spring remain equal, you should be all set. At least in theory! Please don't kill yourself and hold me responsible.