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Jul 10, 2002
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Robbie Gordon is a classic example of someone with a sh!tload of talent, with a big ego and attitude to go with it. If he knew how to act like a professional, with his talent he probably could have ended up in F1.


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Jul 10, 2002
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Originally posted by punkassean
didn't you say trek doesn't make a DH bike earlier in this thread? They have a fairly strong campaign with Andrew Shandro and although the deisel is a fairly simple design, it actually performs well.
They make a frame, and don't sell it as a complete bike. I go to plenty of races and I've never seen one. Shandro rocks, I didn't know he was riding for Trek. They don't have anything about DH racing at all in the team section of their website.


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Feb 3, 2002
considering Shandro took a trek dieslel to podium at red bull I doubt if they have let him go. Hid bike has a custom made 3d head badge with his last name embossed in it. Thanks for the specific examples of behavior on behalf of robbie gordon. if that is true it's is a shame. Echo sorry to be harsh but in order to get credibility you have to back it up. in this case you were right, but you just looked like a jerk without proof. my bad. If you don't follow the freeride scene it would be easy to think that trek doesn't have a DH team.


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Oct 17, 2003
"Word has it that a 10" travel diesel is in the works"

got anymore info on that?

Trek dont put DH at the top of there list I guess but at the world cup round 1 fort william last year they had the most open pit and the riders (wade and Mio) were chatting to everyone and generally promoting the brand better than anyone else there.

im pretty sure they are gradually going to increase there DH intrest. I know they were looking at the new new Vanilla shock (the dh one with big adjusters) and were very keen on using them on there "next bike".


theres my one for those who care


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Mar 6, 2004
The 909
sorry no more info

mechanic at the local shop heard from the sales rep

i think it's going to be another single pivot. maybe a new swingarm (like on the gemini) so 8" diesels can have 10"?(just speculation of course)


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Feb 17, 2004
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Trek has a Pro DH racer riding for the Trek team, her name is Mio Suemasa and she's not half bad.

The Diesel is also sold as a complete.


May 27, 2004

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I think that bicycle manufactures are realizing, they need more sales, what better way than to advertise in a similar enviroment, that has alot of $$$.

4 the love of Slalom
dear mountain bike racing world.
you should know that
when you talk about the Crow , he will appear before your very eyes. KAAAAAHHHH!! KKAAAAAAAAWWWW!!

I have to say that all my exsperiences racing mtb. stay with me, i truly enjoyed the love, passion, and committment that old school slalom, takes to excell at.

hitting turns , ripping berms, and really mad doubles will always gets me going.

as for the Four man whooaaa! that was some of the toughest racing i have ever done, i remember banging bars, every turn, guys coming in on the inside, with 1 Intention, putting you on your head. Back then there was $$$ from ZZYZZX, bullet.

they actually held a few stand alone events at the Ski place just down from big bear, the course was over a minute, sandy, and Vertical, Shaums march won the first one, remember Shaums going Big, miss those days.

any way they prepared the track for fast, ballz out riding, big berms, and the best part, a Chairlift ride back to the top!!

Since racing mtb,

I started racing supermoto, in sept, 2002, my first time on a moto bikein 10 plus years, the cannondale guys where loving the fact that i raced all weekend in the only jersey i had, a very thin Ellsworth jersey. on pavement,
after Passing Aron Yates, for a top spot.

after traveling with the first US team to represent in Supermoto, in beligium, I left my Team and toured all over.

When i Got Back Bartels Harley Davidson Asked me to Race for them,. and of course i did. knowing the infamous motorcycle racing history that goes with them. "Bostrom's, Zemke,and JAY Springstein

So Recently in my Pro Debut
three weeks ago i qualified to become a professional road racer, , at Sonoma CA made AMA History. on a Triumph 600. just for fun,

I would like to thank all of the racers that still remember my efforts, i truly thought they would be forgotten

every time i raced i would give it 100% sometimes i ate dirt. but a few world champions will tell you, 1997-1998. Beneke, Croasdale, Palmer, King, you better not be sleeping, cause Eric Pinson will send you Packing.

one guy said i freaked out and grabbed too much brakes, and t boned a kovachi trailer
cause if you were really paying attention, i ussually disconect the brakes exspecially in wet grass.
well it must have knocked me out, cause i didn't remember it. quite like that.

As soon as i find some free time i want to go race old school slalom, again in Southern California so if you have a schedule please send it.

Racing moto
Have Race Will Travel..Leave it on the course.. and enjoy every second,

Slalom Rules

NEVER BACKPEDAL, "no one ever passed someone pedaling backwards

slow down to go faster..

Absolute Perfection
my favorite part of racing, any body can jump, but turning is an art, one done to perfection
is the most rewarding sensation i've ever experienced

Challenge to all slalom racers

to lay the bike over as far a traction will allow,then a liitle more drag your pedals, and the Bar Ends!!! Come out of the turn ripping

while removing the grass from your gloves , say to your competitors is that possible??? funny thing
i dont remember crashing.

Slalom is a psychological and full excertion, every millimeter counted..

Note about me and Palmer,

i Broke my chain coming out of the GATE..
thanks to Fred Flinstone, i was only beat by palmer by .75 seconds in the first run.
I wanted it bad, the 20 foot double. seemed like fifty ft with one foot on the pedal and the other taking a full stride of committment.
Run 2

Palmer came out of the gate like a raped APE, on the third turn i looked up to see holy fury as palmer was on the slightly slower course, with an unbeliveable advantage,

My long time Friend SAid one thing, GO CROW!!!!GO!!!
Istarted spinning with all my might, busting the berms and haveing fun, i hunkered down for about 35 sec, of a pure ADRENALINE..

When we came side by side over the double i realized that i had made up the ground, and to the finish line ..

#32 seed Pinson Advanced
Pinson Haults a year of Winning for Palmer whom im now competing against in Supermoto

For those who are now lost, my Fans and competitors called me CROW

why??Cause like a Crows , no matter where you go, there is a CROW. have race will travel

I LIVE to Ride but i LOVE to RACE.

im now in WSMC, AFM, Flat track, AMA, and WERA, racing Full time, for fun.

if any one ever needs Tires for street bikes, www.crstires.com

or wants to get in to moto racing
come on lets go!!

I just recently was informed that old school slalom is coming back, Remember when berms were how much dirt the amatuers pushed from the inside.

slalom, no basket weaving, just pure turns and sprinting,

Basket Weaving, term for a row of gates so tight and slow you just blast the gates, boring and dumb ,
as for me

my favorite courses, VERMONT, Plattekill, gotta love Big Bear and mammoth always.,
Chuck Pitts Backyard Brawl in GA, Mount ste Anne Canada, and my Personal
Track Located at My Alma Mater Lindsey Wilson Kentucky, " Go Blue Raiders

While In College
Racing on the First Scholarship for a dual slalom racer LWC, i went on to a second place behind brent hendler1998,
Next year 1999, I made my personal best runs ever.
Only to get the Eric MOORE Shaft,
To be told you are the National Champion, by Eric Moore
Then for Eric Moore to call out some dude as champion, the guy had never even made a Norba main Event final.

Crushed from the amount energy time, and dedication to the sport i was so passionate for,

I went to the college National to WIN, and Eric Moore went there to make sure i didn't.

I wrote many letters to norba, then Eric M then tried to remove my racing licence, because of the reaction he got from all the teams, for the semi riot, "food fight"that took place cause i told EM, how much Norba Slalom meant to me.

So This should just about clear up Any questions About the whereabouts of
Eric Pinson
AMA# 204 supersport, FX Road Racing, now these guys are FAST.
WSMC # 883

Racing 4 man fairness comes from proper course layout, and a stiff elbow.

what made old school slalom the best?

The Show, slalom time,
had every racer in a thick plot, the intensity of an underdog getting to race his heros, the perseverance of a person coming from a deficit, the opportunity to level a goli, the close contact with fans, i even recall a time when your first, and second run was just to see if you qualified. talk about pressure.

Im getting fired up just thinking about it.

Eric Pinson
Slalom From the Heart


May 21, 2004
lukeduke said:
what's next? The Trek halftime show at the superbowl? The Trek open Golf Tournament? Maybe sponser a Hockey team, or Softball or something? Seems like an ok idea on it's face, but maybe the money would be better spent with helping NORBA give some prize money to pro's so our National series will have more prestige than a neighborhood race in tijuana....... Zap is a j'a$$ anyway, why should I care?
trek is promoting health and fitness i think...since these guys ride bike to stay fit and its part of their daily exersize why not??? i think its a smart move not to just promote thier bikes, but to promote fitness sence 3/4 of the world sits on their ass on these forums bitching about who's an a*s and who's not...
get off your a*s, ride your bike and maybe trek wont have to promote through other sports since there wont be a point CAUSE EVERYONE IS FIT!


Jun 30, 2004
ask them if you want..ill tell you what they say..100 million people going my way now