Trek Reveals 2013 Mountain Bikes...Sneak Preview!

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    Jun 26, 2009
    The folks at Trek were kind enough to provide Bike with a sneak preview at a few of their new rides...inside you'll find the goods.

    By Vernon Felton
    Courtesy of Bike Magazine


    Meet the Stache
    A completely new mountain bike for Trek, the Stache is Trek’s version of the aggro, 29er hardtail: relaxed geometry, a 120-millimeter travel fork, ISCG mounts, 142×12 rear through axle….all that’s missing are the “brraaap, brraaapp!” moto sounds that’d mesh perfectly with the bike’s brawny demeanor. There’ll be two Stache mountain bikes, including the top-tier Stache 8 model shown here.

    To see the rest of Trek's AM line for next year, head to this page and enjoy.

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