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Jul 17, 2003
Golden, CO
Well, Its not quite been a year yet, and I'm just now feeling like I'm making progress on my trials bike. I've done the research on 'how to', finding some helpful websites out there. Most of what I've learned is complete trial and error. I have a good friend that is learning this sport with me (thank god there's someone else to motivate me), and between us, we secretly ride in an area well hidden from on lookers or other riders.

Ocassionally my buddy and I ride with a larger group of trials riders (we are actually in "Paradise found"... but you don't see us doing anything). Most of the people are helpful in helping out a beginner in the world of trials riding. Theo Takeda once told me "Timing is everything", something I've learned is a good moto to have.

To get into this sport you either fart around on a non trials bike and have a hell of a time, or you do what I did and just buy a PX from a bike shop, and go into it full bore. I've done just that.

After 9 months of struggling, I can now finally pedal kick from a track stand off a 3 foot platform. I actually feel like I'm getting somewhere... I've still got a long way to go!

Is there such a thing as a 'trials clinic'? I'm looking for one for Beginners. Hell, I'd pay for sessions from the guys from Paradise Found. I just don't want to get into a bad habit and start headin' down a rat hole only to find I need to modify my style.

Does anyone out there want free beer, maybe some food money? I'm not an idiot, and I take criticism well. I just need some one to coach me on balace, body position, etc so I can progress my trials riding further.

I should write down the things that I've learned that have helped me out so others can benefit from this sport.

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Aug 8, 2003
neither here nor there
Just out of curioisity, where abouts are you from?

instead of clinics, come out for group rides. peeps are alwasy welcome and it's a great way to learn from more experianced riders- we are always willing to give advice.

as for your progress, keep it up, sounds to me like you are doing great so far!

(ps, thanks for the movie support :D )


Jul 17, 2003
Golden, CO
I live in Golden, CO, and have an office in the DTC (One DTC). I ride in that park near where Mortons Steak house is in the DTC. Its a long park (ditch) that has various area's with nice blocks and platforms to hop up onto. I think I've met you at some point while you were filming Jeremy Van.... in downtown Denver. I wasn't doing much then, but was taking notes and watching alot.

I'm always up for riding with new people, but I just suck at getting things coordinated. I usually ride with another beginner from the Denver area (Morryjg).

If you live in the DTC area, let me know, I'll ride with you.

I did send in some info on www.cotrials.com about myself, but I don't see it up there... perhaps I'll re-submit.

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Mr. Ho Jangles
May 9, 2003
Originally posted by Ascentrek
I think I've met you at some point while you were filming Jeremy Van.... in downtown Denver.
Actually.....Kevin was at Angel Fire that weekend. His partner in crime, Pancho, was filming that weekend.

Maybe we need to head up to Cats some Wednesday night and hang out there a couple of evenings. Kevin...How many people are usually there riding trials?

Here's a link about Cats on another trials forum: C.A.T.S.


Jul 27, 2003
Tacoma, Wa
Originally posted by where_am_i?
aww man theo is an amazing rider!!!! and a nice guy to, even to a compleat newbie/loser like me
Yeah he is. Trials at CATS is great. I only went once before i came out to WA for school, but it was well worth it. Lots of amazing riders show up there. Its a great place to increase your skills.