Trials at Ray's


Turbo Monkey
Oct 17, 2006
Well, it looks as though Ray's (in Cleveland, OH) is going to add even more cool stuff (as if it weren't already a great place).

Stolen from a post here http://www.observedtrials.net/vb/showthread.php?t=33925
I have great news for the Trials community! Ray is helping out tremendously in starting a Trials area in a separate room that is there to stay and never again be moved! We are going to have a 3000 sq. ft area (about 30 x 100) that I and our local crew will start building soon. The area won't be ready until fall of '08, but I am able to pretty much set it up as I please for us... couches, fridge, TV. We will have all ability levels of riding as did our area the 1st year that never worked out due to lack of interest. All I ask of everyone is: Come ride Trials at Rays.

I am going to be the "Trials Director" so any questions and comments should be directed towards me. I.E.. What would you like to be seen built? The one issue is that obstacles have to be brought in in small pieces then assembled on site. No huge spools or things of that nature. We only have two 36" doors to bring in lumber and such. I am going to start painting sweeping and getting idea's this week so if anyone ever wants to come help me or us out please PM me and we can discuss details.

We will also be having group ride/free trial days there about 2-3 times a year. I'm not sure if well have enough to run 15- 20 sections for a comp., but who knows. Lets not make me and the Cleveland crew look bad. Lets all as a community get together and support Ray. Now we have our own area to ride anytime, any which way we choose.

Last but not least to anyone who would like to support the cause we will be "Renting" for your sponsorship all of our boxes. They will be painted with your logo and or web adress. Prices will vary on the size of the obstacle. Please email me at pontirealestate@gmail.com for pricing and further info or call at 216-276-2078.

Well, that sums it up for now. I'll post details as things progress further. I literally just got off the phone with Ray.

Ray's MTB Trials Director