Trials Bike

Hi Guys,

I have always been into Bicycles. About 3 years ago (I am 13 years old) I started riding my MTB around my parents farm, jumping of small walls which were only about a foot or so. I live in the UK.

In the last year or so, I have been getting more confident. I like to do jumps (I set up a mountain board jump at started at the top of the drive which is basically a hill, I got about 3 foot high air and jumped about 5 foot). I then started to practice wheelies, then once I got a bit more confident, wheelieing off small ledges (only about a foot).

I haven't done that much in the last 6 months as I normally do because of a few reasons:

1) It gets dark a lot sooner in the winter so when I get home it is dark.
2) I have been playing a lot of rugby.
3) I don't have a suitable bike. I find a MTB to heavy for the sort of things I want to do.

I made the mistake of buying a BMX about 6 months ago, I'm not into doing tricks at all. I like jumps and more technical stuff. I like having a suspension as it always feels so harsh when driving off a little wall or anything like that. I have noticed that trials bikes don't have a suspension, or do they?

I was thinking a Trials Bike would be more suitable for the sort of things I want to do? I will be riding it around a farm, which is mostly concrete. I will hopefully be jumping off walls, going over and around obstacles, jumps, wheelies, that sort of thing.

Will a Trials Bike be suitable? Also, what would be a suitable beginners bike? I don't want to spend to much, but then I don't want a crap bike. What is the minimum price I should look to spend on a trials bike?

Any advice/help would be very much appreciated.




Aug 19, 2009
umm first off trial bikes do not have suspension and most of them do not have seats their for very technical experienced riders so what my advice is sell the BMX and by a dirt jumping, freestyle bike it will be shaped much like a trials bike but with a seat and suspension and are rather cheap especially on the classified section of ridemonkey.