* Trials Buy/Sell *


Jun 27, 2011
I'm looking for an Inspired Element or Fourplay, no 26'' (no Hex, not yet) without brakes, to start riding again, if anyone can contact me with a seller, or somebody has one I oculd buy please tell me, I'm willing to pay for shipping (depnding on the cost of the bike, not new please).
Planet X Zebdi for sale. Haven't ridden in years, since I joined the Navy. Been so long I can't remember all the parts I put into it when i built it. The rear wheel is a POS, the wheel I was building for it was gonna be way better, but it never happened. I have pictures so you can tell what's on it. I cut down the shifter to fit the grip, most of the parts can be identified by the pictures. The BB is a raceface signature.

Make a reasonable offer. It cost around $1300 to build back in the day. The Zebdi frame was the first year to get the reenforced rear disc brake bracket, can't remember the exact year.

Location: Portsmouth, VA 23701. Prefer not to ship, but will consider if the offer is acceptable.

Contacting me: e-mail me @ whoiswallace A T G mail.com

PS, will consider parting out, but I will not be quick to part out unless I get simultaneous offers on the frame, cranks, and brakes.