Trials Fun Ride at Exeter, RI


May 31, 2003
There will be a trials fun ride at Arcadia Management Area in Exeter, RI on Sunday June 22 at 11am.

This location is great for trials. There are lots of big rock formations leading to hours and hours of trials fun. If you are going to the NATS Snowshoe event the following weekend this will be a great warm-up!

Directions to Arcadia:
Kind of complicated since it isn't actually in Exeter. There is a major landmark called the Stepping Stone Ranch at 201 Escoheag Hill Road, West Greenwich, RI. Find your way to Rt.165 in RI and turn onto Escoheag Hill Road going towards the Ranch. Once on this road you'll see the Arcadia entrance on the right side. It is a little hard to spot so don't go speeding down the road. You should try and look up the Stepping Stone Ranch (address above) on Mapquest to get the directions to Rt.165.

Peter Wilk
Trialsin USA -- www.trialsin.com