Trouble Mounting a DC Fork


Nov 23, 2005
I'm a newbie to mountain biking and building bikes, but I'm not a newbie when it comes to parts and tools.

I've been trying to install an 01 Super T on my frame. There is a Tank headset installed, but I think I'm missing some pieces. The metal of the headset is in contact with both the top and bottom crown. I know it should not be like this, but what am I missing? There is also a little play between the fork tube and the headset. I've attached some pics...



Oct 22, 2004
it looks like you are missing the crown race that is supposed to be pressed on the steerer tube of the fork. the top is missing at least the rubber seal.the top goes like this in order, headset cup,bearing,bearing cone,centering device,rubber seal. you may need a spacer on top of the seal to keep the upper crown from hitting the sides of the headset cup. the bearings are directional on most headsets, so make sure they are facing the right direction, one way will be tight, the other way will be smooth.


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Feb 19, 2003
I agree, the crown race is missing. Tank headsets are made my Cane Creek? Should be an easy part to get.

If you're unsure of anything with the headset I'd just get a new one, especially if you're unsure of parts missing and such. You could get a low-cost FSA Pig DH headset for $20-25. The sealed bearing version is only like $35-40. I've got 2 of the sealed ones and they're stupid simple as far as parts go.

As far as the top crown hitting....I have to run a 2.5mm spacer under the crown between the headset and crown because my crown hits on the headset. I have a larger one under it now but I might see if I can drop it some. Some headsets and crowns just need this, 1 thin spacer.