True Wisdom


Underwater monkey
Mar 9, 2005
It is said that a 'smart' man learns from his mistakes, and that a 'wise' man learns from the mistakes of others.

I try to learn something new everyday.
Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it maybe doesn't.
Or I learn something without realizing it? I guess everything that happens in your life all adds up to life experience...

Post up something that's happened to you, that ended up making you smarter. Maybe it can contribute to the general wisdom of the board, and help somebody here in a future situation.
That, or post boobies. I like those too, reps for either.

First off, what I learned today:

Watch out for busses. They are big, and will f*ck your sh*t up.
--> It's much better to bounce off the side of one and keep breathing, than to go under the front and get squashed.

Close one today...


Turbo Monkey
Nov 12, 2003
Sorry, I'm Canadian ..sorry...
I've learned all kinds of things from watching others, I just wish I could remember what...

But I do learn what not to do behind the wheel of a car by watching most other drivers around here. And like you said, watch them there busses, one nearly took my head off, with it's side mirror, in Vancouver while I was walking on the sidewalk. Another inch or two, I'd a been hurt good.


Underwater monkey
Mar 9, 2005
What's happening in the R. of K.?
Tylenol and Guinness! Feeling good now, but will prolly feel it tomorrow.
Other than that, the typical Kimcheeland craziness... this place is definately never boring.

Lots of protests about imported American mad-cow beef going on.

Also, Korea's first lift assisted bikey park is open in a week and a half. :)
Hit it up at the end of last season for a trial race, this'll be their first full season.


Part of the unwashed, middle-American horde
Jul 26, 2006
-C.S. Lewis: Experience, that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.