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Feb 18, 2013
Downingtown, PA
...any good suggestions on a good quality trunk rack at a reasonable price? I know Thule is the best of best, so to speak, but I'm also interested in Hollywood based on the affordability. Any other brands worth considering? I need one for two bikes, if possible.


Oct 23, 2006
SportRack A1162, same structure as the Hollywood racks

Truly the best rack out there. Simple structure with no gimicks, use bungies to tie the bikes down. I shuttle 2 dh bikes on the rack every weekend with an additional 3 on a roof rack....man I really need a truck. 3 years old and I've tightened the straps twice, since then I have cut them and tied/ tapped them up, very clean looking. I can do tricep dips on this rack.
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Nov 10, 2005
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generally not a fan of trunk racks because of the sheer inconvenience during long trips - but that's really my only gripe. Took 2 xc bikes from NJ to central Maine with it. 9 hr drive, no issues. took a DH bike on a 3 hour drive, no issues. was some old one my sister gave me that she no longer needed when she got an SUV, can't remember the brand. Wasn't thule or yakima. might've been a saris.
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Jan 14, 2002
Saris, hands down. Go for the model that has 4 supports, not the one with 3. The 4-support one is pretty stable and can actually take 2 bikes (even though it's rated for 3 I think, there's no way in hell I'd try 2 with the 3-support one). The saris stuff is beefy and kind of infinitely adjustable to position the legs and arms. They are among the slightly pricier ones, but well worth it. Any trunk rack is meant as a temporary solution, not meant to be used full time, or if it is, it will cause some lasting damage, warped bumper, marred paint, scratches, etc. The saris one works well though and if I had to use a trunk rack, I would use that and not worry about it falling off or not being stable enough.


And yeah, probably a good idea to look on craigslist and for used, for someone that has recently upgraded to a hitch rack or something. Even if it looks heavily used, the Saris is usually still crazy solid and straps are cheap.
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Jan 14, 2002
The pictures don't show it well, but you can position the arms independently. so one sticks out at one angle, and the other at a different. Good if you have some wacky frame-design apart from the standard diamond, or a downhill bike and you don't want the front wheel hanging down an extra foot compared to the rear. With an Azonic, Iron Horse, and Foes I never had to use that bridge-bar thing that goes in between the seatpost and headtube.


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Dec 14, 2003
San Diego, California, United States
saris bones is the way to go. we cant keep them in stock at my store. i also agree with the suggestion to go with the 3 bike version. the fourth arm makes it way more stable. i have also noticed that since it sits so wide it is much less likely to damage your car.