tryin to pick a dh/fr bike


Feb 25, 2008
Ive been looking over bikes and asking for help. Im on a $800 budget with another 200-400 i can put into the bike in mid summer. People have been tellin me konas are good but to get something else. Ive been recommended the imperial and all but liked the transition Vagrant. I also was told the bakudo and chimpiras were pretty nice and well rounded, and amazon is selling 07 chimpira for $668 single speed (so id have to upgrade to gears for what like $100?)

whould the chimpira be a good bike to start off with for riding fr/dh.. id like the bike to ride mostly in woods on windy trails with few jumps/drops up to 6'. Im moving to portland Oregon so ill probly start riding alot and practice tricks and all. So i need a bike that can get me started but not be some cheap starter bike. Im 5'11 and 155lbs so im not a heavy guy so the chimp at 7lb frame shouldnt be too bad to climb hills in

any ideas or suggestions?