TTC Race This Weekend: Last Minute Reminders

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Feb 9, 2011
Copied from FB Page:

As Sunday approaches we are crossing our t's and dotting our i's. Can't wait to see the turnout, looks like it should be a good one!

A few reminders:
+ If arriving Friday, please see Ashley Jackson at the main building to check in for your cabin and to sign waivers/pay to ride Friday.
+ Please remember to drive SLOWLY through the gravel roads and parking lots.
+ All attendees, riders and spectators, are required to sign waivers to be on the land at all times. Spectators, however, do not have to pay a land use fee.
+ If self-shuttling, you must ALWAYS drive 25mph or below at the top of the mountain in the suburban area. This is required and failure to do so will get you kicked out of the gravity park.
+ If arriving Saturday, please also come to the main building for cabin assignment and look for Ashley, Chelsea orTroy for race information and to sign waivers and pay for Saturday ride fees/Sunday race fees.
+ Registration is available all day Saturday and until 9am Sunday.
+ The raffle will take place on Sunday while race results are being calculated, remember, you do not have to be a rider to participate in the raffle and we have some bad ass prizes!

Can't wait to see you all! -Chelsea